Fatal Error

Hello, for a month I’ve been getting this error constantly when I’m playing… i-5 processor ram 16gb 4gb graphics card

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Though i am not particularly familiar with this bug, i do have some things that tend to help with most errors.

Validate game files
Either thru launcher or steam

If issue persists

Try to figure out was causes this
IE. Does it only happen at the end of rounds? Only in air? Etc.
Then make a bug report

If reasonable, reinztalling the game could sometimes help

I already tried
-resetting Windows 10
-installing the game
-delete cache folder
-run in administrator mode
-check file from launcher.

The error only appears halfway through the game…
There are even times when I get a blue screen… but I already checked everything about the computer, Ram, Disks, Graphics card, etc…

Weird, i would contact support if i were you.

now this…

That could hint at hardware/OS issues…

There’s better advice that you could get, as that guy has over-simplified it a lot.

Making a bug report for a client issue is just wrong.

the game has been crashing a lot in the last couple weeks for me without showing an error or anything. seems very unstable as of late

You want to do the main checklist of diagnosis, and post your own thread rather than threadjacking another with defined errors.

You’ll likely need to repair the EAC service, but you want to go through all the main steps.

Also though, if you ran ANY mods, you want to remove them.

i dont run mods and i have tried everything including a reinstallation, the game is just unstable on my rig somehow.

I already sent the problem to technical support, I will soon be telling you if I solved the problem…

I’d roll your GPU drivers back as a random guess, but again, you need to check the full procedure.

Verify game files.
Clear cache folder in the game folder.
Ensure the antivirus is exempting the folder from scanning, not just that aces.exe can make changes. (This includes anything like onedrive or any ‘backup’ utilities that can access the drives)
Repair the EAC service, by running the game folders version in the EAC folder as admin, and in there repairing service.

There’s a bit more to it, but these are the primary fault fixing ‘firsts’