Fatal error exception in battle

As the title states, I am getting fatal error exceptions only after i join a battle. No other time during loading, or in the hanger, after i get into a battle is when the game crashes. Sometimes its instant during the vehicle selection, sometimes it takes a couple minutes, sometimes i get a few matches in. Its very weird. I did reinstall the game. I have updated my graphics drivers. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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you could delete the cache file, uppdate windows, run it from the launcher, verifiy the integrity of the game files via the launcher and steam, run it as administrator or plug out all the acessoreis from the pc and restart it, thats what i have tried nothing worked for me, but i have a slightly different problem but these may help

you can also uppdate easyanticheat or redownload it

That’s not a wise advice to hand out to be real… Always use the EAC in the game folder, and right click, run as admin, and REPAIR SERVICE.

its just what i have gathered from 8 forums and many youtube videos, havent done anything to help me ,but others have been helped by the advice

It’s the difference in the version that is the issue. If you get the base version from the EAC site, and install it, it can conflict with the other in use here.