Fatal error exception due to high vram usage and after adjusting graphics settings in game

For the last week or so I have been experiencing fatal error crash. I was using amd driver 23.12.1 and ran into some other issues besides fatal error so I reverted to amd driver 23.11.1. Everything was working fine for a few days and then the crashes happened again.

After doing some research without finding a solution I discovered quite a few people having issues with high vram usage. I then decided to monitor vram usage in game and what I discovered was mind boggling. To my surprise instead of the vram releasing after each match it increased after each match. It would go from 2gb usage to 3gb all the way up to my max (8gb) and then the crash would happen.

To troubleshoot this issue I have tried other drivers as well as cleared cache, reinstalled game, limited fps, turned graphics down but the same exact issue continues to happen.

I am out of ideas and that is why I am posting.

I guess this is a game error.

Someone has just forgotten to invoke

_unused_texture = dispose():

You’ll have to wait for a patch.

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That’s if it is actually the cause.

WT always uses high VRAM.

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Tonight I was playing and it went up to 7.8gb vram but did not crash. That was after about 7 rounds grb. I played bfv also and vram sat around 3gb. I found out there is something called texture streaming that WT uses and I guess that is the reason why so much vram is used. Perhaps amd drivers are to blame. I have no idea lol.

Thank you for the reply K6. Yeah perhaps something like that in a config file would do the trick or some kind of vram limiter.

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After much troubleshooting I believe I figured out the main issue to my crash. It was my gpu undervolt. I did not ever consider this as I had played war thunder for months with a 1060mv uv without any issues. With all the driver updates and game updates it seems as though both do not like that low of an undervolt anymore. I’ll be sure to update if this turns out to not be the case but thus far after playing a few games recently I have had no crash after returning to stock 1150mv. I am using amd 23.11.1 and my gpu is an rx 6600 xt.