FATAL ERROR : exception (Crash during battles)

Hey all. I’ve recently found that the game has been crashing this last week. In both Air and Ground, at seemingly random the game with suddenly tab-out to a white error box just saying “FATAL ERROR” with the text “exception”. I’ve sent my crash reports but its very frustrating when I’m trying to play the game.

So far I have cleared the Warthunder Cache and verified the game files several times. I’m at the end of my rope, I’m not sure where to go from here. If anyone has any advice or fixes, or can hand this on to the developers to fix, id be grateful.

Edit: I play on PC, drivers are updated, parts of modern

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friend I have exactly the same problem… about a month ago…

Logs in… Fatal error, switches nation… fatal error, switches plane… fatal error, loads into game… fatal error, finishes game… fatal error. By this point im convinced it’s apart of the experience since the devs see no issues or don’t address it at all.

If most of us don’t have it, then it’s more likely a client issue.