False positive hopefully?

So huh, today, after a few months hiatus I tried logging back onto my war thunder account play a few games of arcade then ditch for a few months again. Only to be greeted by the lovely fellow of “Account permanently banned”. Now I can’t see any replays of mine (but I may also be dumb) on the replays website. But I do not recall ever cheating or botting in this game, It sucks. What do?

With so few games, just start a new account and don’t lend the PW to anyone. Also don’t play it on other ™ peoples computers.

It would appear that my forum account isn’t the same as my game account, it has the same name however.

however i’ve had quite a few games, about 1.5k, what do again

Nothing you can do except what was recommended. “Didndonuffin” does not persuade Gaijin.

that’s not possible. unless you have two different accounts you play on.
you forum account says 1234 games played in total and last played 64 days ago.