Fair Play: November 2023

Hardly unknown, he’s right here: 讨论&求助;这样举报外挂软件的方式是否正确

Ultra based.

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I hope he remains unknown in real life.

Can we get an update?

True heroo7

AFAIK there’s no indication they ban in “waves” - they report on accounts banned in the last month, once each month

i dont have conclusive evidence, but im pretty sure that those lists are a mix between automated Anticheat bans and the “end of the month” manual ban waves.

As an enjoyer of a certain loot/extraction shooter, it feels to good to see this issue taken seriously.


Cheaters got banned. There’s no need to excuse the bans

I think you misread me. I said there’d be a lot of banned players making excuses (it was my dog playing, etc.) for why they shouldn’t be banned (re the post I was replying to taking some of those claims at face value).


This is a link to a blank list 🫤

Or you’re disabled like me, sleep for an hour or so and go right back in to get killed, depending on how much I’m hurting. lol.

Yes, because Stona’s comment you tagged literally says it will be available ONLY for 2 weeks after publication, which happened on the 14th of November. Now, do the math and work out why its no longer available.

Please use new thread for this topic: