Fair Play: November 2023

Never stopped company’s before. I know it would ruin some of the skins but just for a laugh maybe they should update the skins with the word “cheater” written on them, like having it plastered from one wing to the other or something like that so they will forever be remembered for their crime.

It has stopped the company before. M60 DC Ariete, the one mistake that almost caused Gaijin a major situation.
There’s no reason to remove the skins because a team got disqualified once.
The teams aren’t disbanding, the teams aren’t the ones that are banned.

The “M60 DC Ariete” was temporarily removed from sale due to the gun stabilizer it was a purchasable pack and was removed from sale in Update 1.87 “Locked On”. It was later re-released as a premium purchasable for Golden Eagles after the 8th Anniversary sale.
I remember when that tank was announced they messed up royally on it back in the day but they did bring it back it just took a year, it wasn’t that big of a situation to be honest.

I agree the skins don’t need to go if anything they should be preserved for posterity, still would be funny if they plastered “cheater” on them maybe make a total new set just for that.

Well, at first glance I thought we will see some bans on hackers from such a long list. After checking, i was utterly disappointed. 90% of this list are bot-ers and gaijin has more interest in banning scripts than banning hacks.
Too less, too late. Pitty…


I have never really noticed anyone cheating, aside from one guy maybe in Heli PvP, spawning in other helis on the enemy helipad, he could somehow kill instantly after spawning these reserve helis.
I was shot rarely from weird positions without direct line of sight, but those cases still could be lucky shots through some bushes.
On the other hand I do not check my replays often.

Yea, try realistic ground battles. it happens all the time. Ran into one last night, dropped 19 kills popping smoke and shooting through it.

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I play only Ground RB
That number of cheaters should shrink in size over the next few months anyways.

Knowing Gaijin. I highly doubt it. Theres a youtube channel called “W.T.C.S” Or War Thunder Cheat Shaming. Posts at least 2 times a week showing all the cheaters in game. According to his list of over 1k cheaters, barely any got banned this ban wave this wave was mostly bot accounts. Which is more important to Gaijin because it messes with the grind system and apparently loses them more revenue because they bypass all the premiums you need to buy to just be able to progress.


There are still too many use of perspective plugins in tank warfare
In the past few days, I have seen the official crackdown on cheating scripts and permanently banned 4000 accounts. I feel that the real gaming environment should be better now. But yesterday and today, I still encountered many people who used perspective plugins. Watching the replay video, this person always aimed a gun at an enemy he should not have seen. The most abnormal thing was that he shot a person, and then the muzzle always ran towards the enemy hiding behind the stone. So I killed 8 consecutive… His name is Jade_ Fox. Attach the follow-up video address



They can just rename them to something better…

They change the verbiage (the human-readable name) of things in the game all the time. All game companies do. There is no law that prevents them from doing so.

They also change the state of game assets (such as making vehicles store sales to making them GE premiums, or removing decals people paid for that are now offensive to some) all the time. Again, absolutely no reason they couldn’t here, too. You’re grasping at straws to defend cheating.


That’s precisely why it’s important to use user IDs when reporting thru replays

Good job, gentlemen, I hope there will be more such news.


BOTs?Yes! The real Hacker?No!

However, the total number of bans this time is equivalent to the accounts that Gaijin banned for a year before. It can only be said that it is still progress.

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Bots for sinking ships, in tank battles it’s players with illegal mods.
Ironically, most of them use Russian vehicles almost exclusively and were almost always Russian or Chinese players.
There were very few of them that didn’t have a Russian name or battle group.

As I said, 4000 players is nothing when I consider that players who are obviously cheating are not banned.

For example, this is not a bot and this Player is still active.
The video is now several months old from a Sim Battle.

That’s messed up it’s so obvious… The snapping to and changing between targets is so blatant.

So in naval, that’s just not true. I’ve been playing 4.7 RB all night. I don’t think I’ve seen a single Frank Knox all night (the botters’ vehicle of choice). People have been scared off of naval botting since this announcement to a significant, obvious degree. Naval RB is back to where it was at the end of 2021: Longer queue times, wide variety of vehicles. Can’t say how long it’ll last, but it has had at least a temporary effect there.

Jet base bombing is provably way down too. If you look at the leaderboard, where a month ago all the top 20 “players”, mostly base botters, were doing 6,000 games a month, now the average, outside the last couple bot scripts at the top waiting to be caught, is closer to 4,000 (still an insane amount of play if you’re not a bot, but at least remotely possible for an actual human): Leaderboard - Community - War Thunder.

So yeah, good job Gaijin. Please please keep this up.

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Latest squadron to buff their activity stats with a bunch of Knoxbot accounts is [AmAPR] (Australian Manlovers Association). They’re not the only one.

In this case, all the officers of the squadron should be banned for letting it happen. One of them let them in, that person or a close associate is running them on computers they have lying around, and it’s obvious what they are and why they’re there. Bring. The Hammer. Down.

(Note: this isn’t a complaint about an individual player, but a squadron. There’s nowhere else to object to a squadron’s behavior.)

I’ve been playing 4.7 naval a lot recently and there are certainly plenty of bots still. There’s some new ones that use tech tree ships, all of them Soviet, all of them Krasny Kavkaz. Every one I’ve seen has been an account level 22ish, with four or maybe five vehicles played, but somehow they’re still all in cruisers. It’s very strange. I had three on my team one game and they just sat in spawn for most of the match, until some condition was achieved and they all j’d out within five seconds of each other and left the match. Very strange behavior.

That’s the next test batch again. They started in Kerches, new accounts, unsquadroned.

Very different from what we were seeing before with a horde of established players from other modes playing premium ships robotically.

The Kerchbots and their variants were always there too, you just see them more now because the glut of people with real accounts has cleaned out for fear of losing their whole account if they’re caught. They were there but lost in the noise before.

In a small mode like RB, you only need a few of those test Kerchbots playing 24/7 to be obvious to all players. You’ll likely never get rid of those, as they’re burner accounts, and the owners paid nothing to start them up; again, most likely is they’re just being used for tests… or for padding squadron research by some squadrons now. What broke RB for a long while was “regular” players buying botscripts and using them with a premium when they weren’t actively playing themselves. That part seems to not come back yet, 11 days after the announcement.

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