Fair Play: November 2023



In general, I like the change. I just wonder if all those 4000 bans are correct. I don’t want to be banned because some gaming accessory (Stream Deck for instance) get mistaken for cheat software.

Afaik, they had a few false positives in the past.

Obviously, if you play for more than a certain amount per day, it can’t be you, as you would be dead without sleep.

I don’t think there have been many false positives in WT.

I do remember that whole “it’s only RGB software” thing that some people tried as an excuse, which turned out to be Asus’ Sonar (I think that was what its called) software that gave on-screen directions of where engine sounds were coming from.

There are already plenty of posts from Chinese players that they don’t understand why they got banned, but I’ve seen too many losers trying to play the innocent victim to believe them when it comes to bans, including squadron mates.

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The one in the YouTube I linked above started the account in May, and had played an average of 6 games an hour, 24/7, since then (25,000 games on record). Bye byeee.

It highlights how taking down the naval and bomb botters has a disproportionate impact for two reasons. First, they individually play so many games when they’re AFK, they damage the game so much more, compared to a wallhacker who only hurts the game when they’re actually playing, far fewer games per day on average.

Second because if you buy a bot script to play when you sleep as this guy does, odds are you aren’t opposed to buying an aimbot script to help when you do either. Two birds, one stone.

if someone i know is on that list for no reason and he invested so much money on that what he should do is there any type of revision ? @Stona_WT

Well done, War Thunder! You have my respect. Also, it’s a good move to ban them after the sales. Take their money and kick their b*tts. I love that! <insert here dicaprio’s clapping gif>

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Well EAC is what would detect hardware; You can always contact EAC with your Stream Deck serial number & model number & ask for it to be whitelisted if it isn’t already.
And if it isn’t they’ll typically inform you.

That is why I will never trust Asus hardware.
They’ve made cheats in the past, and who’s to know if the hardware I buy is full of cheats…


This is the real “Dreams Come True” Event.

Kudos to Gaijin for FINALLY humbling themselves, acknowledging and admitting the botting issue exists and taking action.

Much better look than locking/closing community threads from their most loyal and dedicated player base begging that they address the issue.


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There was also the AMD graphics driver feature called Anti-Lag+ they released recently that got flagged by EAC as cheat software.

That aside, they must have just done this ban this morning, because I saw SilverLions00016 last night in naval.

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As far as I know that had nothing to do with War Thunder and was cs:go only, so not relevant.

It affected many titles that used EAC, but my point was that it’s easily possible to get false positives from legitimate software.

roughly 1k per month is nice improvement … but it still means nothing compared to the sheer size of bot infestation you can clearly see in almost every battle.

still too little & too inconsistent … on one hand we have account just one day old already caught in the net (created Nov 13th, banned Nov 14th … not bad), on the other hand there are ridiculously obvious bots that Gaijin is still tiptoeing around. For technical side of things there can be some fear of false positives, but I very much doubt there can be false positive of “playing tens of thousands of battles for months and months and months 24/7 nonstop”.

Nice, good job guys!

Waste of time their bot accounts their not even real their just burner accounts their creators don’t even care if you ban them they will just replace them, for every one you ban five more can take it’s place when the real creator behind them wants to make more.

All they really are is just an easy kill I’m perfectly fine with that, just wait till the day when they program them to actually dogfight real players that will be when the fun will begin.

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Most of them are bots. ie; They really were only hurting Gaijin. They are still doing next to nothing about cheaters, which is what really hurts the game.

Five of the bans on the list were for cheating in esports:



So… Gaijin, what are you going to do about the co-branded camoes for the two major esports teams (RAWR and MAMMAMIA) that were booted from competitions today for cheating, and some of their players on today’s permabanned list? Gonna continue to proudly take your 15% cut on these? Just curious.


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They will probably leave them.

Then they’ll be promoting membership in teams they know have been cheating in their tournaments. Exactly the same as having a leaderboard where 58 of the top 100 were permabanned from game today. Until they started doing that, it showed they tolerated cheating, even when they knew about it. Actions speak louder than words.