Fair Play: November 2023

About 5x. What’s good is it indicates they’re not just relying on individual complaints and video reviews to try catch botting anymore and using more procedural methods.

Probably an account resale situation, to be fair. But yeah, woulda been fun to watch. Same as the shoti guy when all his 100 bot accounts were banned (they’re all on this list as well).


I’ve found 1 guy who get banned from my own list of 10 bots I found in air battles. Im happy with that but the same I’m sad, it’s only 1 single guy.

That old excuse… DAMN YOU CLARA !! XD

love yaᕙ(`▿´)ᕗlet’s kick the ass of these damn cheaters!

From the report:

“Because there are too many game vehicles now, I shared my account with two classmates to help play together. I didn’t think they’d hang up (aka use botting -ed) in order to get better quickly. I admit my mistake here, but I would like to say that I would like to ask the authorities to give a 10-year-old player a chance to correct. I will recharge 50,000 golden eagles to make up for this opportunity, and I will guarantee with my personality that I will abide by the rules and play the game well in the future. After 10 years of playing War Thunder, I really don’t want to say goodbye to my beloved game. Kneel for an official to unblock the account to correct the opportunity. Appreciate it!!”

(bolding is mine, no other comment, other than to say I’ll be watching to see what they do here)

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Sharing accounts is against TOS anyway right? so he’s banned either way ?? :L


Assuming it’s the same person as the one 2012 player on the list, then the “two classmates” did over 9000 naval bot games before they were caught. “To get better quickly.”


There has been a great number of cheaters active in Squadron Battles these last months, and it will continue to be like this until EAC is fixed, some bans won’t prevent these cheaters from using other accounts.

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Damn that Clara and her hacks, why cant they just git gud like the rest of us. 9000 bot games that amounted to nothing loool. I do think an AI anti cheat system would be really effective tbh.

There is still loads of names missing
Good job though


I appreciate that you all ban this many accounts but there needs to be more accountability with cheating accounts as well as those selling cheats on youtube in which you are allowing them to sell and get away with. Even if there were a scenario in which players could assist with replay watching like in other games like CSGO. There also needs to be a way to get in contact with people within Gaijin who can ban players immediately when it is very apparent with video evidence to back up the cheater in question. Please consider some sort of community action to allow for more help resolving the issues here.


Excellent news! The drastic increase in banned accounts proves your new measures are working well.

Thank you, and good job!


They aren’t. I know a few cheaters I have met in squadron battles and no one of them was banned.

Just did a crosscheck: 58 (!) of the top 100 players on the RB leaderboard (Leaderboard - Community - War Thunder) have been banned, including #3, #4, and #5 (who used to be 1-2-3 until they couldn’t play anymore).

That leaderboard was all jet base bomb botters and naval botters, so no surprise, but still. Good job again. Maybe that leaderboard can start to mean something again now.

The banned 58:

3 YangWeiZaoXie
4 _823123841042
5 panzer ti
6 Anger-WT
7 hao_wu_liao_a
8 txnku6cwz3
9 仲夏
10 wowlolNB1889937
11 DFder
14 清风
15 空军PTSD
16 RavenFlag
17 MidONE
19 WT Engineer
21 KOFSNK520
24 tnocccp
27 呆毛王万岁
30 三千世界俯瞰山河日月
31 karlsgun
32 zonghengjiaocuo
35 ImPoorSorry
37 Sihavia_TTV
38 Likpzzz
39 Chobblefizz
41 Sterling5000
43 Aeonicle
44 惣流-アスカ-ラングレー
45 狗蛋
47 _Shoukaku
48 MechanicalDong
50 ldtksj003
56 hekun_4750
59 Shagrey
60 Pan_Paul
61 BlueRain233
63 Noelle__Evelyn
64 Lingl14
65 Zeeeeeeen
66 Slippers123
67 yushaoheng
72 MagicianGao
74 IIIIIIllllll
76 朴人猛
77 A1exMercer
81 _218943649
83 愛城かれん
84 RockyDi
85 ぺこらどもども
87 _141624943
89 burce1989
90 熙X
91 k3gofxc3yn
92 FFF_76109
93 Male addiction
95 fflanker1983
96 这儿没人
99 Tomcat10086

(If I were #1 and #2 on that board right now… I’d be pretty nervous.)


Still, keep in mind they used to ban like 100-200 people every 3 months; now they banned more than 4,000!

Big improvement.


This list needs an expansion


Good, keep on cleansing.

#35… I KNEW IT! Why dont they use EAC for Air and Naval? Why only GF?

There are also tons of smurf accounts in navy realistic, with names like hhfhkax, jkfahjkda, jhdfahid and hdajdfaf, created by Chinese workshop.

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So… been studying this in naval for two years.

The script bots with the lower case names aren’t really the biggest part of the problem. There’s no “workshop…” per se, at least not one making any significant money from playing themselves. Those accounts, I’ve become convinced after seeing them come and go in waves, are the “test batch” for each successive generation of bot script from the people who make them. When they’re done testing they’re wiped or shelved for next time mostly. The “Kerchbots” you’re thinking of are just the canary in the coal mine. Watch them pop up in naval, and you’ll see what the next-gen script will be able to do.

The problem is established, paying players, from all over the world, who then buy those bot scripts, either to get ahead, or in some cases increase the value of their account for a resale (also against ToS), by running a bot 24/7 when they are sleeping or doing other things. A lot of those players had their WT GJN and vehicle holdings wiped out today for cheating that way. This is a good thing.

Here’s an example of a player who was naval-botting when he didn’t play himself, and using an aimbot when he was, from today’s ban list:


Me all day today watching the big bot accounts explode and die:

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