Fair Play: May 2024

Oh, if we’re gonna talk about weird corners of the playerbase:


6300 games in the last 30 days, huh?


this look like skill issue

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Baiting people into AF AAA (AF camping) and space climbing is a sign of skill issue indeed.

Tell me about skill, my friend.

Space climbing is a strategy, mainly for bombers so as not to serve as a free kill in the first minutes of the battle, and flying over the airfield is another strategy to catch players hungry for kills instead of finishing the match by taking some ground and bases

AF campers will always be an issue until there’s effective anti-air at airfields.
Space climbers are never an issue.
Kill stealing isn’t a thinking.
Teamkilling is punished via automated and manual systems.

Should’ve reported the hack to Gaijin support WHEN it happened, and make your account more secure.
Either way, your only course is to contact Gaijin support and pray they give you a 2nd chance to secure your account and not cheat; which you seem to have done.
Good luck if you’re innocent.

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Always nice to see cheaters getting banned! Keep it up WT Team!!!

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First of all - it’s laughable how random scrubs talk about “skill issue” while obviously failing at the game and automatocally assuming if someone finds something annoying - he can’t play the game.
Yeah, griefing is valid strategy. Because that’s what it is - annoying everyone exploiting bad game design.
AF camping allows for ridiculously high K/D and brings 0 benefit to the gameplay.
Space climbing is simply refusing to participate.
There’s absolutely no counter to either. GL carching that B18B happily flying at 8000m with a gunner that can take you out at ridiculous distance.

Players should be “hungry for kills” in a PVP game. Almost all AF campers do it to annoy the opposing team. But I guess one guy wasting time of several players is fine.
And ground pounding in Air RB is brain-rottingly boring. If you find it fun and engaging, I have bad news.

Git gud.

really, a severe skill issue

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Despite additional lag and stutter, I’m using EAC lately due to the tremendous and unbearable impact cheaters get in every battle, especially playing here from high ping locations and connected to “standard” internet service, but it’s never enough, because all that is mixed and obfuscated within the well known, and always present, uptiering and selective bias in favor of some players and/or some particular squadrons, I guess we could call them “white collar cheaters”. All these stuff leads to terribly imbalanced battles and leave all normal players very very far from enjoying the game and from spending more money, if any, in premium things, because it’s simple and clear, IT’S NEVER ENOUGH. That’s the cold truth for a huge part of the playerbase.

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Evidence base for this, or just your own selective confirmation bias?

What is this “well known, and present selective bias” that you are talking about?


I’ve said that already, I can’t give any more data, please look for the evidence for yourself.

Same as above.

There is no evidence to look at other than your unsupported statement.

Ok, remain blind then, lol… or maybe you… I mean… perhaps you… lol.

Show me the data or it doesn’t exist.

If you can’t back up your claim, it is basically meaningless. And if you refuse to show evidence, your claim is incorrect, and you are wrong.


“If you don’t know I’m not going to tell you” = doesn’t actually exist.

I do have evidence, in fact I have many years of evidence, but I can’t publish it, it’s against the rules. Every evidence of white collar cheating, selective bias, uptiering or whatever u wanna call them should be detected and confirmed individually, not to be discussed here. You are right in the sense that NOT TO TALK ABOUT THESE THINGS here. I agree, lol.

Same as above.