Fair Play July 2023


Work to preserve fair play in War Thunder is carried out in several directions, amongst which is the fight against the automatization of gameplay. Such combatants stand out for their passive behavior and simply low efficiency. They let the whole team down.

Banned accounts

In July 2023, we blocked 215 accounts that were found to be in violation of the rules 3.2.3 of EULA, namely in the automation of the gameplay (using bots) and cheat software. For full transparency we are publishing the full list of these users.

This list will be available for two weeks after its publication date.


Set a strong password for your account and enable two-step authentication in your profile - this will protect your account from fraudsters. Don’t use forbidden client modifications and never share your account information with anyone!


Good work that you got the Commander of -shoti-, the all-bot squadron. How about taking the rest of his squadron of 100+ naval bots off the table at the same time? I mean, the guy literally has 100 other accounts he can just switch to today.

EDIT: So this was the first of many in this thread that will no doubt be banned by the pro-botting community flaggers on this forum. The ones who were doing everything until today to keep Gaijin from doing something about this problem, or even publicly acknowledging it. This post will no doubt get flagged and hidden again, and it will be thrown to the mods for their decision, as will most of the rest after it. I encourage everyone to edit their posts when they’re flagged so the moderators can at least try to control this thread.


Thanks for finally acknowledge that there are bots in WT. And that they are a problem.
And that Gaijin is starting to look for solutions to solve this problem.


Personally I believe that users that have bot-like stats (1000 deaths, 50 kills) should be separated from actual players in different game lobbies and be marked to be reviewed. A solution like this would help remove the bot players from real battles while still maintaining a way to ban these botted accounts


I have the Feeling I always get that Kind of “Players” on my Side when I have a Gametask like Win a Game with 85% Activity ^^

I like the new Way of Communication from Gaijin, a huge step in the right Direction :)


i literally stood up when i read the headline.


what was i talking about… i stood up and did that “surprised Pikachu” face, this is quite amazing that they are addressing it


sadly -shoti- foolhunter was the only naval one that I can see from previous lists, but at least there was one in the list this time. Apparently if you create 100 naval bot accounts and play them continuously, that’s the threshold to get noticed as a botter in naval. But at least there is still a threshold.

(foolhunter: enjoy your “banned” marker. You are absolute poison to this game. https://warthunder.com/en/community/userinfo/?nick=foolhunter)


Definitely start your effort on Naval, Thats definitely the top affected mode for this kinda issue.




This was my Suggestion with Captcha
Captcha Bot Denial System - Gameplay - War Thunder - Official Forum


Whatever you decide, please avoid CAPTCHA.
No one deserves that fate, not even evil people.


Thank you for coming clean.



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oh yeah, this thread is gonna get community-flagged to ruins, matter of time. Question is, are the mods going to allow community hiding for discussing bots in a thread they’ve pointed to as the thread to talk about bots in?

EDIT: this post also hidden, and no doubt will be again no matter what I wrote. There is obviously nothing in what I said above which violates any community guideline. I welcome the moderators’ efforts to keep the shadow banners at bay when this one also goes to them for appeal. For everyone else who’ll be getting their “post hidden” notices today: don’t let them win, edit your posts when prompted, let yourself be banned twice, force the mods to engage or let those cowards afraid of constructive debate who seem happy to wreck and derail every attempt Gaijin has been making to communicate with its players win out here again.


I’m still not going to talk about bots themselves.

I just want to voice my opposition to Captcha in WT.


Judgement Day lol

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this was my suggestion
Captcha Bot Denial System - Gameplay - War Thunder - Official Forum

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So you’re saying you’re going to keep flagging and helping to hide other players’ posts on the thread about botting, even after the mods said, “Please use this topic to leave feedback” on their botting article. Noted.

That whooshing sound in your ear? That’s the sound of the point sailing right past you, sir.

EDIT: Hidden again, pushing this right to the mods. There is nothing, nothing that violates ToS in what I wrote. This is just about people being schoolyard bullies now.


well a good way to get rid of bots (and mindless players that behave just as bots and are just as annoying) is to temporarily ban one death leavers, forcing players to have actual lineups (how many players have only one vehicle and then leave without even using a backup?) and maybe have a progressive reward system where the longer you stay the more percentage of your actual gain you get (maybe like 10% during the first 5 minute, 50% at 10 minutes and 100% at 15 minute).


Bots are a problem, but there is also a fair amount of wallhacks and aim assists as well.

There is a relatively high amount of users, grinding accounts by playing high tier premiums and intenting to sell those accounts later on.
They are harder to detect, because I had to watch attentively replays. But out of 10 replays that I’ve watched, 2 players were clearly using assists.


perhaps that is a bot too :)

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