Fair Play: April 2024

We’re continuing to use all means to combat cheaters in War Thunder. The Easy Anti-Cheat system monitors the possible use of prohibited software, and we carefully examine reports from players. You can use the replay service on our website to report players to us who have violated the Terms of Service and the License Agreement of the game.

Banned accounts

In the first two weeks of April 2024, we’ve blocked 3,685 accounts that were found to have violated the rules. Specifically 3.2.3 of the EULA namely in the automation of gameplay (using bots) and cheat software.

For complete transparency, we’re publishing the full list of these blocked players. This list will be available for two weeks after the publication of this article.


We recommend that you set a strong password for your account and enable two-step authentication in your profile. This will protect your account from fraudsters. And remember, don’t use forbidden client modifications and never share your account information with anyone!