F9F-2 and F80c need to 7.3

I have no idea how to play these planes at 8.0/7.7, it seems that gaijin forgot them after drop F86A and Mig15 BR, I don’t even know how to use them to deal with SU-11 or Meteors.

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If anything, the F-80A needs to go to 7.3. It feels way too good for 7.0.

Also, the Mig-15s/17s and Sabres need to go back to their original BR. They didn’t need to move down at all.


In my opinion, F9F-2 reduce to 7.7 it make sense

I can give you a chance to challenge Sea Meteor or su11, even Me262c1 and mig9(late), there is no chance for you to defeat them.

unless Mig15 and F86 back to 8.3, F9F-2 reduce to 7.3 is fine, the only advantage for F9F-2 is the top speed, only about 950km/h, which a little bit faster than sea venon and su11

I might agree F9F-2 Panther reduce BR to 7.3 (Air RB) and 7.7 (Air AB & Air SB)

but F9F-5 decrease BR at 8.0 (Air AB & Air SB) and 7.7 (Air RB)

The Me-262C-1 is trash. I would rather have an F-80A than it.

Su-11 isn’t that big of an issue now that it isn’t 7.3.

The Sea Meteor and Mig-9(l) are 7.3 planes, so I don’t think they are better than one at 7.7.

I am talking about the RB model, and su11 is still 7.3

Both of them are better than F80C, just because most of players forget it is good at dogfighting ( for Sea Meteor it is a joke)

That’s your skill issue, after 262C1 to 7.3, unless in uptier, it is good

My bad, I thought it went to 7.7, where it should be.

I have played both the C1 and the F-80A, and the F-80A is so much nicer to fly. I don’t have the F-80C yet but I am looking forward to getting it.

Then you will find it not worth 7.7, 7.7 is a horrible BR for a jet which can’t keep its speed over 900km/h, now it need to deal with stronger jets like LA200 and better meteor

Oh, I made a mistake that f9f-2 sl is 926km/h, f9f-5 is faster, MD