F8U-2 with aim9c?

Errrrrr…is this a F8U-2 (C)with aim9Cs on ? How would it work? In game the U-2’s radar doesn’t even lock on to anything.

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Are you sure it’s F8U-2? It could be a F8H

The Serial number on that F-8 is 147008

By the F-8 association list, it is referenced as :
F-8U-2 // F-8C

The F-8C was produced with only the Magnavox AN/APS-67 (all-Weather navigation radar)

It was later refitted with the Magnavox AN/APQ-83 (all-weather Navigation and Weapon system radar), from the F-8D

(i don’t think it ever recieved the later AN/APQ-84 and AN/APQ-93, both from Magnavox)

The radar AN/APQ-83 from what i’ve read should be able to use AIM-9C.

The in-game model F-8U-2 is only having AN/APS-67, so no lock possible from this radar variant


If you can figure what model it is that the VF-91 was then perhaps we would know.

Vought F8U-2 (F-8C) Crusader/Bu. 147008

  • Assigned VF-91 as NG-111, 1960.
  • Transferred to VF-194 as NM-xxx, 1963.

You know i already identified the variant from that Serial number, right ? ^^"

From that Excel list:

You did and i added more to it.

Well, in comparison, i found out why it got AIM-9C, while why it is not possible in-game ^^"