F8F - Blue Angel Skin

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Howdy y’all! Today I’d like to make a suggestion for a Blue Angel skin for the F8F-1B in the US TT.

The F8F served with the US navy demonstration team from August 1946 to August 1949, replacing the older F6F hellcat. During that time the Blue Angels made more than a dozen appearances for the public. They would be flown by Lt. Cmdr. Bob Clarke, Lt. Cmdr. Jimmie Thach, Lt. Cmdr. John Magda, Robert “Bob” Longworth as well as Lt. Cmdr. Raleigh “Dusty” Rhodes. The F8F would be the last piston engine aircraft used by the Blue Angels, being replaced by the F9F in 1949.The Blue Angels is the US naval aerobatics team that preforms incredible feats every year, putting on amazing shows for thousands of spectators each season. While the F8F was used by the Angels, the iconic “diamond” formation was first used. Originally the Blue Angels only used 4 aircraft, but in 1947 a 5th aircraft was added as an “aggressor” plane for airshow dogfights. When they switched to the F8F the Blue Angels changed their paint scheme from the lighter blue and gold of the F6F to the classic blue and yellow paint scheme found on all Blue Angels aircraft after it. The F8F was also the first of the Blue Angels aircraft to have the teams name painted on the side.

Blue Angels F8Fs in “diamond” formation
Robert “Bob” Longworth’s F8F while flying with the Blue Angels

F-18 with F8F in formation
F8F side view
All 4 of the original F8Fs in formation

Shiny F8F in Blue Angels livery

Number 1, F8F flown by Lt. Cmdr. Bob Clarke


Better yet, gimme that and the F8F-2B


Lol, this is my first suggestion that got passed. Glad you like :)

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Before giving this camoflage they should probably update the model of the F8F so it actually matches real life…

Wdym? I know the Blue angles technically used the F8F-1, but I purposely made this for the F8F-1B. It could be one of those Semi historical skins. I’m thinking about making one for the F8F-1 though as well to complement this :)

The rear section of the current F8Fs model is just ugly and does not match the real life plane. The model is overall just not very well done.


Oh ok. Yeah, I’m not going to unsee the differences now. It looks so much longer compared to the game.

I thought you meant they should change it to the plane model they actually used instead of it being a semi historical skin

The Yak-3 and 3P get their models updated when they didn’t even look old.

Yet there are planes with physically wrong models that don’t get updated, like the F8Fs and Ta 152 H-1.


What’s wrong with the Ta 152???

The most obvious one is that the landing gear is far too long in game.

Edit: old warthunder forum bug report on the landing gear:

Hmm ok. You mentioning the Ta 152 reminds me to play the C variant

Dang, again I’ll never unsee that 😂

Oh but the Yak-3s they definitely needed new models!

Sounds like you might be just a tad upset 😂

Anyways, back on topic somewhat, has anyone made a bug report on the F8F?

You bet.

From 2015. 💀

Lmao that’s awesome Gaijin 😂