F89B over-g wing break this patch?

I’ve done a bunch of grinding with the F89B (nearly have free Ace) and never had any sort of wing break except the obvious over-speed one, but this patch I’ve had what looks like two over-G wing breaks, including this one at -4G @ 660 km/h IAS (wing-break is 920 km/h):

Is this supposed to happen?

920 for positive G in which the wing are designed to resist from → Negative G’s always where more impactful,…

Because the Lift Force of the wing is going same way than other Forces on the wing, when you go Neg-G

While you’re pulling Positive-Gs, the Lift Force of the wing is going the other way around countering the other Forces

(Explanation is fast, but is made for people to understand simply)

EDIT FOLLOWING 1ST REPORT- someone is currently trying to overtake this thread.

Once again you pollute threads with off-topic nonsense. Nothing you wrote is of any use or consequence to the original question.

Prior to the last patch, it was not possible to over-G wing-break an F89B, this patch it is easy both positive and negative. This was not mentioned in the patch notes. My questions are “Is this intentional?” and “Has anyone else experienced this?”.

Your attempt at a tutorial on wing spar forces from an obviously poor point of understanding is not required.

You come with new information that it is also possible in Positive G.

You never spoke/show any case of positive G in 1st post.
Therefore,… how can i know that you’re having potent reflexion about what happenned?

Now for real → can you procide such positive G case?

For now the only information i have is that you ripped off trying to use Negative G dive at nearly Max speed of the aircraft–> in which it is normal to happen.

→ btw if you were the one that reported me,… then you’re wrong.

Dude, just stop. You don’t add value. You don’t understand what you post on, you just make it up as you go. You aren’t helping anybody, and nobody cares what you think or want.

You aren’t a Gaijin employee. Nobody needs to prove anything to you because you are just another nobody on the forum.

Just stop.

Not my problem if you can’t show anything else than the one video of Negative G,…

Prove that you break wing in Positive G → post a video.

As of for now you provided nothing that could be in a bug report, let alone sources that says the game is wrong,…

So all i’m dealing with is a feeling and a wrong exemple.

And if you were somewhat right → you would have posted at least a Replay link in which it happenned.

Yet you have nothing backing up your claims, so,…
I’ m maybe making no sense, but you don’t show evidence of such “problem” which might be a fix based on In real life sources.