F5C fuel starvation

why is F5C unable to do any negative G maneuvers rn? It results in a instant engine turn off, even the slightest movement “down” makes its engines turn off.

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it wasn’t design to do that

ah yes, a fighter not designed to move its nose down…

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Yea noticed it too today. Wasnt doing it yesterday. and cant find anything about it in the changelogs

F-5A B and C were not designed as a fighter but as Ground Attackers,… only the F5E and following were designed to be a fighter.

So before saying “weird things” inform yourself.

its literally named freedom fighter, it was designed as a lightweight fighter “informed” person

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It was designed as Ground attack aircraft with small air-air abilities until Kennedy administration attempted to get the F-5 into exports.

In this matter, 20mm guns were implemented only 6 months onto the 3rd prototype before the public announcement by Kennedy administration, in 1962

It was however, tested in 1961 as CAS aircraft alongside G.91 (CAS aircraft) and A-4 Douglas Skyhawk (CAS Aircraft) by the US Army before USAF blocked it because Fixed wing aircraft is the Job of USAF (on land basis)

Therefore, the F-5 was primarly designed as a CAS aircraft, before the later updates of air-air radar + 20mm guns

F5C now picks up speed much slower and loses speed faster because of this issue,which is quite painful.Even basic maneuvers,such as rolling now cause fuel starvation.Guess I’ll have to change playstyle if it’s confirmed as “not a bug”.


Looks like they finally balanced it

And you are?
Sorry,… but until you proved Gaijin won’t hear it.

The engine used in F-5C is a 1960 jet engine.

He’s right, for once

I’m not sayin he’s right or wrong,… i 'm just sayin there is a problem of methods.

I got a chance to fly it i see what you mean that the F5C is bugged cause i got fuel starved more then i should have

obviously this is a bug, and not intended, otherwise they can retire the plane and the F5A variants too. It is not playable in the current form, also, it’s impossible to even do a roll with the plane, or a loop. I doubt any kind of military airplane, ground attacker or not, could ever be meant to not do those maneuvers. For pete’s sake you can do them in a bomber from ww2.