F5C fuel starvation (nerf or bug)?

Yesterday i played everything casual and normal today i cant go into turn that my engine doesnt go off and gets fuel staravation what the hell is happening its litterly unplayable…

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Literally same, I can’t use afterburner for longer than 5 seconds.

You will get engine fuel starvation if you pull negative Gs for longer than a couple of seconds.

nope litterly instalnty when u go neg G u get it

Do you have a video?

litterly go test drive it take off get to up to like 600kmh and do a little neg G pull it will give u fuel starvation and in fights when u need to retain ur energy when that happens u can say good bye bcs u dont have engine power or speed to energy trap ppl now…

I just took it for a test drive, pulled 4/5Gs for the usual amount of time before engine cut off. Nothing out of the ordinary. It seems to be an intermittent bug on your end.

No i had it happen in match

it was fixed today without patchnotes.

problem solved.