Will these versions ever come to WT? You can find topics going all the way back to 2017. These were the apex version of the F4Us. I’d love to see both versions added, maybe the F4U-5 and the -N as a sub tree version. Thoughts?



I wish we have a F4U-1 birdcage (maybe event, battlepass or squadron vehicule).

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This too.

Just yes


But new propeller fighters are very rare, even more rare to them to not be just a copy paste.


Okay, maybe I’m stupid or maybe I’m blind, but I can’t find anything about this aircraft on the internet. All I see is a F4U-1 that’s a razorback. Is that it? If it is, are there any other modifications to it to distinguish itself from the reg TT one already in game? If it’s not the one I said, can you post picture and info on it, I love the corsairs.

You’re right, but the engine is different too.

F4U-1 (birdcage) : R-2800-8 (2 000 ch)

F4U-1A : R-2800-8W (2 250 ch) + reinforced landing gear.


Oh okay. Looks interesting! Thanks for the info!