F4S and F4JUK, Aim-9 and Aim-7 (+Skyflash) don´t work on Combo?

I use he first standard presets for both planes, which combo with a full pack of the best you can mount on these machines. Though to my shock, after a couple of matches with both i had to realize, when you mount both Aim-9 and Aim-7(or Skyflash) at the same time, the game always launches first 2 aim-9s ,which is dumb that it doesn´t priorities my radar missels when i locked a radar target first, but to come to the problem, the next missels are radar missels (Aim-7, Skyflash) and no matter if i have a radar lock or not, it just launches them and they never react to any lock.

They just waste away and ruin any launch until they are all gone and the game launches the last 2 Aim-9s.

Normally, the game atleast doesn´t let you launch radar missels until you have a proper lock, what is going on here ?

Set a keybind for Secondary Weapons Selection so you select the missile you want to fire yourself. Usually at the start of the match I select the skyflash, and when I need, I select the sidewinder. Don’t forget that using it, if you have bombs, you aren’t able to drop them if they are not selected, so be aware, set a keybind for Disable Weapon Selection for that.

I have absolutely no idea why the primary/secondary weapon selection mode is not the default control schema for WT, but I would heavily recommend using it.