F4F late aim9j lost radar slaving capabilities

My aim 9j missles seaker on the german F4F at 10.7 RB lost their capabilities of searching for a target following a radar lock, is this a change of the new update or a bug?

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Afaik the 9J was never slave capable, they removed that feature in this update in accordance to that

which F4F? i mean ik that its the jet but theres aanotehr f4f that is a prop

what props have missiles?

F-4F not F4F

no, its a joke that there’s a prop called F4F, just like the jet.

but there is no jet called the F4F

F4-F, it aint the same as the F4F

You got it wrong again XD

It’s the F-4F and the F4F, the F4F is the Grumman Wildcat, and the F-4F is the Phantom

Thank you, then i think they still have to update the wiki about that missle