F4E heatseeking missiles and AGM-65

why cant the F4E phantom have AGM-65B and heatseaking missiles on at the same time? theres space there for the missile hard points while agm65 sits underneath

Their isn’t space for it, the AGM-65’s take up the space where the Aim-9’s are placed, in-game they have separate weapon slots because it is able to equip other weapons under the Aim-9’s but the AGM-65 is not one of them, the only way it would work is if it has 1 placed bellow it like the F-4F which doesn’t get in the way of the Aim-9’s however the only thing is that Gaijin didn’t put the option to just carry one which I don’t get really why but it’s not something that bothers that much. If you really want to confirm it for yourself make a custom loadout and have one side of the aircraft with the Aim-9’s and the others with the AGM-65’s and compare where they are mounted.

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It used to be possible before custom loadouts IIRC, so probably just an oversight when someone was programming the loadouts.


This is why you can’t use them at the same time (Example is from a glitched loadout I made before it was patched). Their positions on the pylon would intersect.

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In theory it should be able to mount a single AGM-65 on the triple ejector rail + 2 heaters per pylon though as the two sidewinders wont contact the triple rail and the lower AGM-65 is way out of the way of the sidewinders.

Might be able to actually do this just with a single ejector rack and be done with it as well.

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