F2P SL Grind?

got to rank 4 where the grind has its first big bump from repairs of 2k to 5k and costs of 40k to 150k etc.

just wondering if there’s any way to efficiently get some sl at low ranks without things like helicopters or premium time / vehicles to cope with the sl sinks in progression?

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Spade vehicles. Don’t play a new vehicle the moment you get it. Build a lineup at a specifc BR and fully modify all of those vehicles.


In Air RB, and not using premium time/vehicles:

Turn off auto-repair, and then if one plane gets destroyed (and no free repairs left), play a different vehicle. Also helps to play lots of different nations.

Make sure you have vehicles to be repaired selected in your line-up when you finish the gaming session. You can create a “Repair” line-up to help with this. You’ll also need to invest crew points in Repair Rank and Repair Speed logistical crew skills to repair planes quicker (see the skill tips in game for more info).

Get good at destroying lots of players, Air AI, hard ground targets, soft ground targets (in that approx. order)

Play lots of games :)

Also try to get the free premium vehicles from events and battle pass if you can.

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I play about 6 nations in ground realistic battles, I play from very low Battle Rating, up to BR 7.7

About 90% of my tanks have expert crew (silver star) and I often disable auto-repair. I’d get premium but I’m having a hard time finding any work so I’m poor. The grind is slow and repetitive. I just enjoy unlocking new camouflage and testing the skill of other players.

I know the essentials such as spading and im playing air rb so lineups dont really matter. but what im having troubles with is sl and at low tiers there isnt too much you can do (that i know) about it.

I average 1-3 kills in a game if i dont lag out which is enough to consistently progress but its painfully slow and wanted to know if thers a way to make it faster (ik abt boosters and such)

that being said i appreciate the tips!

Play different nations and modes with auto-repair turned off.

Also (only applies in AB) use backups when you have an active RP booster and are grinding a particular vehicle, then use a backup to field it twice in a game, thus getting 2 shots at gaining RP while only incurring 1 repair cost - or none/partial if you still have free repairs and/or the 2nd one doesn’t get killed!

Whats spade mean? (sorry for the question)

All modifications completed - the vehicle icon gets a watermark in the hanger of a spade symbol from the playing cards - ♠

As @Josephs_Piano said, it is getting all the modifications on a vehicle. It’s colloqueally called spading because it gets this spade icon behind the vehicle.


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oh thats where that comes from :D

Running rockets or bombs on your aircraft and going for ground targets between fights is a good way of adding a little extra SL farm from every match. Rockets are generally better than bombs if you can run them because they add less drag/weight.

Play ground and air assault once a day to get your 300% booster. Usually one of 2 will give you an SL booster then I play Naval which seems to be the best for earning SL

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I know you said you’re not interested in premium time/vehicles but I wanna mention that I don’t currently have premium but I do have premium naval ships which only cost me 1750 GE and with a 300% booster (without premium) a battle with 4 or 5 kills and a cap can be 300k or more

I know right? Thousands of hours in and I never noticed that! I just assumed it meant that the process took a lot of repetitive work, like shoveling stuff. So when you where done with the shovel work you where spaded.

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That is gold… G O L D! :)
I’m gonna use that in real life when I do some hard work I don’t want to do again… “I’ve spaded that…”

Its boring, but doing the Assault arcades each day can get you a nice booster or 2 if you team dose well.
Also even if you don’t buy battle pass, do the special task as much as possible, even if it takes a few days to work on as it gives you a box that can give you boosters and completing the tasks to buy rank 2 and/or 3 premiums from the warbond shop is very worth while, right now there is an Italian destroyer with a +1320% SL ( I have a 10% booster active so it might be a little lower) and the UK P47 Thunderbolt with +484% SL. but if you only play one mode it can be a pain as the tasks force you to play modes and nations you might not like.

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Grind the battle pass, get a good tier 3 fighter from the warbond shop, get good with it, easily get 50-120k SL per game