F16C lookup head-on with SU-27, radar stuck in ACQ PD unable to lock

I’m pretty new to top-tier, and not a great player besides, so I’m not sure if this is a bug, desync issue, or by design.

Flying low and see what looks like someone just cruising at high alt, so pull up and point radar (in SRC PD) at them. Once I have a return on the scope, hit Lock Radar/IRST on target to lock and paint for AIM-7M. Radar transitions to ACQ PD on target area but seems unable to acquire lock and does not return to SRC PD or otherwise respond radar controls. In the mean time, the SU-27 pitches down and successfully counter-fires.

Given the colossal RCS and lack of ECM in the SU-27, I don’t think there is a legitimate reason I couldn’t get a lock, and my assumption is some combination of game bug and packet loss caused it. The F16C radar has been a bit buggy in ACQ PD mode for me in general, so

Now, I play from a strange foreign land with t-rex deer and duck beaver hybrids, so my normal ping is around 200, and I get desync and lag issues most rounds, but this doesn’t feel like one of them.

To be clear, this isn’t any sort of “RUZZIAN BIAS” conspiracy rant, it feels more like a bug or user error and it’s just coincidence it’s vs SU-27.

Video follows. I tried vaguely to notch while chaffing but from my understanding once an R27ER is in terminal phase it’s pretty impossible to dodge, but I welcome any advice offered.


It happens with every radar , it is a general game bug


This a bug but you can fix it by rolling

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Oh, good to know - is a 90 degree roll left/right sufficient, or do you need to do a full 360?

I’ve also had a different issue with being totally unable to get a return (and thus, lock) at <5km head-on after losing a previously locked target behind the aircraft. As in, lock aircraft in head-on, fly past, radar appears to return to SRC PD but seems unable to generate tracks until ~10s has passed.

You need to do a few 360° rolls and you can also pull the elevator while rolling.

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