F16C having only 0.9 money modifier While MiG29SMT or any other F16 have 3.2

Is it a bug or is it intentional for the F16C have less than third of a money modifier on it?
Today I was wondering why do I have less money gain over time than I had earlier in the F16ADF. I saw that the F16C have only 0.9 money gain while the ADF have 3.2. Ok, I thought this is a top BR thing. After that I checked the MiG29SMT if it suffers from the same thing, but it isn’t. Does that mean that the F16C have some special love by Gaijin or is it just an error.

16C money
ADF money
SMT money

Check the first picture, the F-16C was set to arcade battles.

Oh shoot you are right! The error was in me. Thanks!