F16c > f15

Let’s keep it simple and look at the facts:

F16C strength :

  • One of the best dogfighter in the game if it’s not the best.
  • can equipe 6x Aim9M
  • HMD
  • verry good radar with tws etc…

Weakness :

  • Only 6 missiles
  • Not good for bvr

Now we have F15A strength :

  • can carry 8 missiles
  • best top speed

Weakness :

  • Bad in bvr
  • Bad in dogfight
  • carry 8 missiles but only 4 aim9M
  • No hmd
  • Breaking wing easy for nothing

Now please dev, tell me why I gonna play the f15 instead of F16C?


It is amazing how no one knows how dev servers work.


Greetings to you, light-bearing oracle

I thought the devserver was used, among other things, to collect player feedback. Have I been wrong all this time?

Anyway, could you enlighten me and tell us what devserveur is, according to your holiness?

Thank you in advance.


F-15C has a better radar, wing rip will be fixed for live [dev server flight models aren’t final], is a superior energy fighter


Ok i added this on the list but i repeat… Why use the F15C instead of the F16C?
Better radar with useless missiles? :/
Energy fight well…

At least the F16C dominates in something, not the F15
I think all of this isnt a real arguments compared to the monster that F16C is

use what you think is the best for you, what stops you from using the F-16C?? you can even use a TBD-1 if it fits your gameplay style

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Why must the F-15 be better than the F-16C?

F-15 is a BVR truck, as anyone who has played the Tornado F3 or F-14 in hte past year will tell you. The meta is low alt turn fighters with IR missiles. not high alt BVR trucks like the F-15. The idea that every single US addition has to be:

A) Meta
B) Better than what they got previously

Is just insane and its still got placeholder FM and radar on dev server. Until it hits live. There is no point even commenting on both yet. With its speed. Its going to be very good, even as a BVR Truck for hit and run tactics. and unlike the aforementioned BVR trucks, cant actually turn. Just wont turn as well as the F-16C or Gripen will in the coming update.

At this point. I think Gaijin should just not add the F-15 to the US at all. Clearly they aren’t greatful for the fact theyve had an entire year of top tier competitiveness with a new jet added every single update for the entire year. Reminder 2 nations are now only getting something higher than 11.3 in this update. It could be a lot worse


who knows, Gaijin bias’s the Western European vehicles. Just anti American in total. Everything that is American that comes in game is always trash. When it is really a lot better, Its not perfect like we think but it isn’t that damn bad. But for the F-15 its engines are way better, witch can give you a upper hand. The F-15 is a lot better then it is in the Dev server. although same with the F-16C but I mean. The F-15 is the F-15 witch just means its going to be a very fun aircraft to play. Hopefully it gets put as realistic as possible at this time but it most likely wont be super accurate since Gaijin dosen’t like American made stuff. But ay maybe someone will provide some documents (that arent classified) and shit will change.

Only two nations? The F-15 is gonna be 12.3 right? That would mean Japan, Israel, China, America, and Russia.

Sweden and Britain are only now getting new aircraft.

The highest Britain has had is the Gr7 at 11.7 though its only been 11.7 since Aim-9M were added in September and is still a sub-sonic CAS jet. all others are 11.3.

Sweden was only 11.3 with the Viggen D.

Neither have been able to play top tier at all in the past year as neither had competitve 11.7s not too mention anything even resembling 12.0s

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I’m happy with the FM of the F-15 right now, the only thing that makes the f-16C far better for me is that it has TWS while the F-15A does not

The only comment I have to say on this that I do not agree with is,

Only because I feel it is worth commenting on it only in a means for correcting the issues in the first place. For example, the flight model was called out for feeling bad and ripping wings too easily, and then it got fixed. I do, however, agree with the sentiment that we can’t make any final calls on what planes will be best until the live server comes out with the final results.

I have a feeling the F-16C will hold more cards overall over the F-15A/J, but the two were not made for the same duty nor should they be made to compete like they were as you pointed out. I more so fear the power of the Su-27 when comparing the F-15A/J to the other top tier planes due to it carrying more missiles, handling better, and having better air to air missiles to boot. Only issue I heard from that plane was that the radar wasn’t the best, which at least is partially compensated for with HMD for the R-73’s in WVR engagements as well as the datalink and datalink reconnect function of the R-27ER/ET which will likely beat the F-15A/J out for BVR engagements at the moment if the AIM-7F/M is the best we’ll be receiving for the F-15A/J.

Now you know why more countries ordered F-16 than F-15

Wasn’t that because it was overall cheaper and because a lot of countries didn’t need a BVR platform for what they were facing- and because the F-16’s could also do CAS or other multi-role duties?

Mostly and you had aircraft like Typhoon, Gripen and Rafale in development. So most major European nations didnt want the F-15 either as they were producing their own aircraft that suited their needs better. Which is why a lot didnt even bother with F-16s as well. Only really Italy that leased a couple dozen.

You keep saying this, but like…ok?

Do we just not say anything about it being shit in the meantime or what

I just dont get it. Thats the point of the dev server

Saying something and crying about something nonstop are two different things.

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Well, with this game perception is reality. Until Gaijin changes it, thats how it stays

What are you even saying?

Idk how that didnt make sense.

If people dont complain about something, it stays shit

Gaijin hardly acts in good faith (usually)