F16A MLU should be given an AN/AAQ-20 nacelle and AGM-65D to night attack

In reality the MLU have the Pathfinder nacelle to night attack,so I think this is something that can be done in the game.And the in-game AGM-65B missile cannot attack at night,so the game makers should give it the AGM-65D missile!!!


We can’t see night battles in WT currently, and night battles will be an optional feature you can turn on in the future.
Do we still need AGM-65D on these F-16s when there will be more?

WILL there be more for China?

Yes. There are at least 2 more AGM-65 carriers.
& I know PRC has some equivalent stuff I forget the name of.

It might get a ordinance/ weapons upgrade in future patches as more 4th gen aircraft with similar capabilities/weapon systems get added. Or it’s just not a priority for it right now.

but it has :( i can fight without this but you cant take away what i acturrly have

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