F16A ADF BLK15s (AIM-120)

F-16A Block 15 ADF from Air National Guard armed AIM-7M Sparrow but not Italian Air Force

2x AIM-9L stock on italian F-16A ASF not wrong but 2 AIM-7M replace by 6 AIM-120B and add AIM-9L/I-1

Now F-16A Block 15 ADF from USA tech tree lack AIM-9M

F-104S ASA armed AIM-9L/I ?

yes exactly, considering the mirage f1 has magic2 at the same br, i wouldn’t mind it going 11.7 even… but at 11.7 there’s the mirage2000

yeah that would sound awesome, I’m not surprised why they didn’t add the block 10 for us more than a year ago they think Italy doesn’t deserve the plane’s they had in storage.

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if it was only that… everyone gets fake planes or vehicles, we won’t even get those we used

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Yeah, the f16aj in japan never even existed right ? i could be wrong

yep never existed, just a “proposed variant”

Not even that, because as far as I Heard, It Is a mixmatch between a proposal and a prototype, so It Is a completly fictional veichle that could have never existed.

yes, that was what i meant, is a proposed variation of a F-16 that was never built

Does anybody know if the F16B OCU also had air to ground capabilities?

The Italian B were identical to’ the US ones as they werent upgrade to’ that standard, idk about thr US upgraded ones

Agm-65 and also for Norwegian - Penguin