F16 should get back ist G limit,and revert the gripen change

few months passed and f16 still dominates when it supposed to be as a light bomber not fighter with 9G limit barelly catch up to any modern air frame but now its just still too overperforming even againgst the new flight model gaijin should add back f16s limitation flanker should be able to kill a f16 very easily in a close engage gripen are even better than that so why gaijin love USA that much they get new irframe every update but USA players still want buffs on their airframes and gaijin listen to them f16 when came out it was already a banger and without the G limiter, geez even gripen have a hard time sometimes to shot f16 down which is ridicolous, gripen aiframe as it was firstly was just enough because you get nothing to BVR with atleast you could dogfight now you cant manage to get behind a f16, gaijin please revert the change on gripen its just supress a ton and its a frockiin delta aircraft which supposed to not supress but engage agressivelly because it can hanfdle, the fix with the random cobras was could be enough to fix, other things was fine in the flight model the instructor supress a lot so gaijin revert some changes in the flight modell it was too much gripen irl able to take down a horde of f16s even block 70s but ingame f16s just overperform a lot supress f16s too then



         -lol (lol, lol)

Reading this gave me a stroke.


That’s enough internet for you today… 🤦‍♂️


So none of the adults in your life ever told you that you can’t just keep typing words and think they will somehow magically arrange themselves into sentences?


ive was just sarcastic tho usa mains are can complain about other nation but if you try that you get insta 6 dirty comments from them

it was a easy speedrun

Mad? I’m more concerned for your mental health saying dumb shit like that.

Also, I’m a trim 170lbs thank you very much! 😎


Well, it was good not having a headache for an hour.

ive was

are can complain

It’s at the point where you clearly have some kind of difficulty so laughing feels bad. I’m out, glhf.


Im sorry your countries MIC has a skill issue?

Yeah its definitely infuriating when your countries clearly superior tech is nerfed constantly and set 3 decades behind because “Its OP” and then “Fat American mains cry waaah”, is that what you call it? I think advocating for stuff thats clearly better to be nerfed is cope.

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They’re secretly the SAAB CEO they’re mad they can’t sell Gripens


in my opinion f16 over perform, it should perform as a bv238

Life tip: Sarcasm works better when it’s not in paragraphs.

i leave guys, i had enough laugh today thank you se ya tomorrow


im just curious how fast will usa players react, and im impressed

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This guy probably some top tier Russia shit and get killed by and F-16 LOL

This went about as well as a Brendan Schaub standup routine.