F16 foldered incorrectly


The F16 has been put into a folder properly. It took me months to get here and this is not fair to me.

Were the foldered planes not available in the time limited allowance for you to get them if you had them when the update got released?

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FYI F16 A should have been before the ADF but when F16 got introduced Block 15 got put first on the line because americans players would have cried they’d have to farm F16A before getting ADF(which had AIM7) the order has just been restored.

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The only reason I was so mad was because I grinded up the whole jet line just to have it put second leaving me unable to purchase it.

I don’t play this game every day so any time allowance that would have been there would have simply just run off without my knowledge. I got no warning that the f16 was getting moved under the other and I got no warning once it was fully researched that I could still purchase it. I, however, was still allowed to research the vehicle and continued to do so unknowing that this was changed. But War Thunder reserves the right to make me hate their game for changes designed to increase pain and suffering. So its good on them.

That’s not actually their fault though, and it’s not as if they can actually wait for you forever.

It is 100% their fault. All they had to do was simply folder the second place to be second. They flipped the order. I spent months researching this just to find out at the very end that once I was done that I no longer had the ability to purchase this vehicle. I don’t have time to read the updates with school and work. And I no longer wish to spend another however many months it is grinding another 400k RP for a vehicle that I already have the ability to purchase. and not only that they put the ground variant first. I don’t play ground RB for American and I’m sure a lot of other people don’t either. So if they were grinding up to this for the purpose of Air RB like what I did then they would have to do a worse f16A for no reason. They could easily program it in a way that lets you research which plane you want to research in a folder first. It makes players life’s easier.

I’m pretty sure you had time to complete the research before it became finalized.

Should’ve been faster and got it done before it was implemented.

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“Honestly you should just spend money rather than grind.” Thank you for just ignoring the whole part where I said I was going to school and doing a job. Clearly I have the free time to play the game for 5 hours a day. I’m done with this thread. I’m done talking to you. Have a nice life

I’m sorry I didn’t echo what you wanted to hear, but that’s nothing to be upset over… Your issue is about the F16, not your lack of ability to play the game as much as you think you need to to unlock something.

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Actually you didn’t in this case, with the exception of a few vehicles, Sons of Attila implemented changes instantly, no time before “These changes will be set in __ days”

Then it’s their bad luck that they hadn’t unlocked it sooner rather than waiting it out or finishing it up after.

Effectively, yes, especially since the ADF (I believe it’s the Block 15) is a later and better model than the Block 10. It makes sense to go in this order.

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I’m sure this will be added to the list. We know the one.

Don’t worry is it also unfair to people that Have that F-16ADF since we have no link between 16ADF and F-16C

Didn’t they give a few weeks of notice that they would be foldered?

Still is,… foldered yes, they don’t say in which ways.

It’s right there in the post, they said the F-16A would be the main aircraft and the ADF would be foldered.

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