F15's ACM mode and TRK mode cant switch from PD to Pulse

F14 and F16C can switch their ACM mode and TRK mode between Pulse and Doppler Pulse, F15 also has this feature.

But F15 can’t switch ACM PD to ACM,only can switch to ACM PD HDN.I have to switch to SRC and turn it to ACM and switch between ACM and ACM PD.

Similarly, F15 can’t switch TRK PD to TRK, only can switch to TRK PD HDN, unless I lock aircrafts in Pulse and it can be switch between TRK amd TRK PD.

Please fix it cuz it really annoys me when I am in dogfight.

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Also while using Warsaw Pact jet fighters it will be possible that when you are guidiance radar guided missle the ACM mode can automatically switch to irst ACM and cause missed of target.

I hope gaijin can makes the automatic switch of ACM being optional or just simply delete it because this update provide more negative impact than positive for player in top tier air rb.

I think the Dagor Game Engine is to blame here. Their spatial recognition of objects in physical space is computationally challenged and bugs will definitely crop up every single time a new technology get’s introduced.