F15 DASH II systems and the Joint Helmet-Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS)

Helmet-mounted display - Wikipedia.
while i know its not a official source this is. and it shows that the f15 had a head tracking system same as the f16C

and here are photos from boeing of f15 pilots using it Boeing Images - F-15 Pilot Wearing JHMCS Helmet

Probably refers to the F-15C


These are from the F-15SE Silent Eagle, it says it underneath each image.

The F-15SE is essentially just an upgraded F-15E Strike Eagle with some stealth characteristics and is much, much more modern than the F-15s we have in game currently.

The only other F-15 I know of to use the JHMCS that may realistically show up at some point in War Thunder is the late variations of the F-15E.

If I’m right we shouldn’t see HMD in game for the F-15 platform for a good while. Perhaps Gaijin will introduce it with the F-15C whenever it arrives, perhaps not, all we can do is wait and see.


with the first links i posted other than the images, it specifies f15, and then the f15E so with the lack of info or variant listing it could easily be taken as either the A or C variant with the JHMCS

The F-15A we have in game, like the rest of the F-15s is an early version of the variant and a fairly old aircraft. I can find nothing saying that the JHMCS was ever tested or used on the F-15A.

What I can find is that the F-15A variants of the USAF we’re transferred to the Air National Guard in the late 1980s and early 1990s thanks to the arrival and superiority of the F-15C.

Most of said F-15As were apparently later converted into F-15Cs by the end of 90s, leaving not many A variants if any in active service, with some being donated to museums and such.

From what I also know of the JHMCS, the project started in the 2000s, meaning it was most likely not possible for it to have ever been used on the F-15A as it was simply too late for them to receive it.

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Could always give the F-15A VTAS.

1975-77. F-14 I F-15 Helmet Mounted Sight (AIMVAL).
This U. S. Navy full-scale engineering development (FSED) contract was aimed at producing the VTAS HMS for the Navy’s fleet of F-14 aircraft. The HMS system used a basic IR fan beam tracker with a visor-projected reticle display having a 6°(H)x6°(V) monocular FOV. Eight HMS systems were produced and delivered to the Navy in 1977 for testing on the F-14 aircraft. Eight more were delivered to the Air Force in 1977 for testing at Nellis AFB on F-15’s carrying AIM missiles.
From 1979 to 1991 U. S. interest in HMS systems for fighter aircraft waned because of tactical considerations and missile development cost. The U. S. Air Force believed that its primary mission was better supported by the development of long range on-boresight missiles directed by the radar system. Funding was not available to also develop the shorter range high off-boresight missiles that would complement HMS capabilities. Israel, however, recognized the importance of being able to designate targets far off-boresight in short range encounters, and retained a strong interest in HMS systems for this purpose.

8 F-15s had access to VTAS in 1975-77 which should be more than enough to get the system on the F-15A.

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While this is not necessary guys, surely. I am all up for historical additions so count my vote :)

if i can find the source again i saw that it was tested in the 1980’s and also like the guy below me i can find a confirmation source showing that the f15A did have the VTAS system

One of the first aircraft with simple HMD devices appeared for experimental purpose in the mid-1970s to aid in targeting heat seeking missiles. These rudimentary devices were better described as Helmet-Mounted Sights. The US Navy’s Visual Target Acquisition System (VTAS), made by Honeywell Corporation was a simple mechanical “ring and bead”–style sight fitted to the front of the pilot’s helmet that was flown in the 1974–78 ACEVAL/AIMVAL on U.S. F-14 and F-15 fighters. VTAS received praise[by whom?] for its effectiveness in targeting off-boresight missiles, but the U.S. did not pursue fielding it except for integration into late-model Navy F-4 Phantoms equipped with the AIM-9 Sidewinder from 1969.[10] HMDs were also introduced in helicopters during this time – examples include the Boeing AH-64 Apache with the Integrated Helmet and Display Sighting System (IHADSiSy) demonstrated in 1985.[11]

while it says that the US didnt pursue it does state that it was tested and used. and with the way gaijin modeled the f15 with flares (and i recall that the f15A didnt have flares at the start of its life) they were added in the 80s so by that logic the f15 would have had a version of hmd or vtas or even jhmcs


If you can find and provide genuine evidence of the F-15A possessing any form of the VTAS, put it in a bug report and send it to Gaijin.

If what Lolman has said above is true then there is a very slim chance the F-15A could get HMD, Gaijin are unlikely to add something that was only tested on 8 aircraft when its not a necessary addition in terms of balancing. i.e. its not likely they’ll add it unless the F-15A can’t compete without it.

Considering the F-15s in game are some of the best performing top tier jets right now, I cannot see this happening anytime soon if at all.

JHMCS is still way way too late in the timeline for the F-15A to have used it, the VTAS is likely the only thing you can make a real argument for in terms of HMS/HMD additions. But as I’ve said you’d need extensive proof and extensive reasoning in order to get such a thing passed to the developers and into the game.

This is incorrect. The JHMCS was used of F-15Csand Ds before it was integrated into the Es. But all should get JHMCS when they come

Perhaps I worded this poorly, I meant that the only F-15 other than the C that had the JHMCS in real life that could realistically show up in game would be the F-15E, given that the D variant is just a twin seat version of the C and wouldn’t have much place in the tree besides being a possible event vehicle at some point I doubt it would show up anytime soon if at all.

noooo they should give us the D variant foldered with the C for why not as well as the f-16d foldered with the c bc… why not. Some of us want it all they have no reason not to do it when they lit give israel the D and not US. D:


I too adore twin seat variants of aircraft, but considering what they did with the Jaguar E, F-100F & A-7K, I don’t see the F-15D coming as a tech tree vehicle any time soon if at all seeing as it wouldn’t present any real difference to the presumably upcoming F-15C in terms of armament or capabilities, despite the much love the community has for jets like the F-15D and F-15DJ.