F14B needs attention

No it is not. The f-14B performs well, i still get 2-3 kills a match without effort.

The aim-54 are the specialty of the f-14b. The f-14 does not need meta missiles to perform at 12.0.

My kd ratio of 2 kills to one death pretty much proves that the f-14b is suitable for 12.0
If it wasn’t, i would be dying more than i’d be killing.

You know, i’m facing 12.3 but id rather fly my 14b

You have phoenixes. They are good.

how about just give it aim 9M and raise it to 12.3

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Make a suggestion with evidence. You can do it here.

This match was 3 kills with the AIM-54C with one assist, and the last two kills were with the AIM9-L’s

The f-14 is one of my favorite planes to play if you couldnt tell.

Honestly a majority of my games with the F-14 are with Aim54C’s with two 9L’s. every once and a while i will play a few games with the AIM7-M and i do ok if i dont go head first into the mosh pit of death. There is a whole map to use, and running down the middle all the time isnt the best thing to do. I like where the 14b is at, but if they want to throw us the 14D with aim9m’s and the aim7p’s or aim7m block II’s i would be ok with that.


As meh as sparrows seem against the R-27ER, I would still like to see the 7Ps. Now with the buff to the self detonating time, it should be pretty good.

They will appear less buggy, won’t lose locks as much but they will still be kinetically inferior.

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well since the 14D is the end of the line for the tomcat i having the P’s with block two would be great. They arent faster or anything but they have a much better seeker in them and should be able to get more hits landed. A lot of times i try to use the 7m’s the missile decides its going to go left then down then right again and then explode. ive been able to use the aim7’s with the 16 a bit but if they had the DF;s that would help a bit more. Before the sparrows went to crazy town i use to get 2 or 3 kills with them per match and it was my go to missile, but things have changed in that area and i just need to work out how to better use them.

I hope the 14D comes before all the amraam/r77 spam so it could last at least one update as part of the meta…

You know what else would be fun? TALDs. The f-14 could drop some decoys to attract hostile spamraams and it could be quite a great and workable addition, while also keeping the f-14 unique, and keeping the naval line relevant.


TLDR F14 needs a buff cose russian bias

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A lot of good points have been raised.

I still think that if the f14b is to stay in the same br as the f16, f15, mig29, su27 and the jas39 then it needs the aim9m as thats what it had historically.

Im happy that the aim7’s are getting a buff to their lock break times as that is often times the difference between connecting or not.

Yes it can carry 640 counter measures but im not willing to sacrifice chaff in mixed flares or flare priority flares just to counter IRCCM missiles with reinforced flares.

I’ll definitely give the aim54a a lot more attention now instead of the aim54c.

As I’ve mentioned, ive only found them successful against idiots who arent paying attention to their rwr which is few and far between in toptier, not enough to justify flying at 5km+ alt and 25km+ away from everone pumping phoenix missiles into the sky, rtb, repeat.

I think the F14D would be sick af.

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Valid 🗿

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As the f-14b is at 12.0 instead of 12.3 and the f-14a at 11.7 they will probably face 12.3 planes just as much.

Majority of my matches bring me 2-5 kills with the phoenix. There is a large amount of idiots. You can also kill su-27’s that are trying to bvr you.

Now trying to use the aim-7’s and aim-9L’s against 12.3 planes in furballs is a bit more of a hit and miss which i would advice against. The f-15 is better for that.

Looking at the statistics of my last 10 F-14 phoenix spam games i got 38 kills.

I find the tactic gets me way more kills for way less effort and way less time wasted and it also brings me less risk and less repairs

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this is it, that’s all there is to it.

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Highly doubt it, amraam got confirmed to be likely in the 2nd update next year.

Yes. But i do also believe that while unlikely, 14D would be in a good spot to be added in the next update.

One can wish, i guess…

I could write a suggestion for talds today

With that being the case, what the hell am I doing wrong with my Aim54c’s? My strat is climb to 5km+ altitude, get to at least mach1.1 and start lobbing them off at the cluster of enemies as soon as they’re within 50km range, cut the tws off at 20km. I barely get any kills with them so what are you doing different that makes them work?

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Funny post, you almost can’t believe this player climbed to the top of TT and yet remained so oblivious.
Where even to start
Decompression is issue with all top tier planes not just F-14
Missiles and their derivatives are used across the most US platforms and many BR’s

in the game and you cannot “balance” them for one plane alone.
Phoenixes are balanced and consistent. I was using 2-4 most of matches, around 40% of time I would get a kill (sometimes 2, once even 3) so this is pretty much the same as with any other missile

Lol and no.

If you wanna Aim 9m, you have F-16c and F-15. Just grind them, you’re close.

This is how you literally play all planes in WT.

To me, this sounds exactly as it needs to be.

Pointless rant.

The fact you are using C instead of A is already a mistake. Use A, ingame its superior

Get to mach 1, climb to 8km, level out, fire when enemies are 45km range or under
Also, you have to go in best aspect towards enemy team instead of following your team, so their natural furball forming wont cock your radar up
I dont turn the tws off at all, just after getting to proximity of 30km or so, i just turn back to base

I also take in mind the fake elevation indicators of radar, in reality you dont have -60 degrees of radar elevation.

Its important to be high so people dont see your launch, yet far so your rocket motors won’t be burning so the hostiles can’t see them. And make sure you look at target velocity, if its going at 1000m/s, that is a missile.

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  1. The br should not go down if anything the newer jets should go up in br.
  2. The Aim7m does show issues with tracking of targets but from what I have seen this is par for the course for a lot of SARH missiles so needs to be a general fix in the game.
  3. You acknowledge the F-14 never had a HMD why add it.
  4. This one seems to be the best course of action the F-14B did carry them I don’t really have issues with the Ls but with the Br it is at Aim9M wouldn’t be insane to add to it.

Well that worked an absolute treat, triple strike on my first try. Thanks man!