F14B and the BOL Flare-pod

Even though i have the BOL pods researched, i cant use the loadouts with them in it. Does anyone know what causes this or is it just Gajin not implementing things right?

have you research the AIM9-L module ? cause you need to have both to use them together

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not yet
but as i said gajin should give you the ability to use them without the aim9l`s

that’s true, they are usable with on the A6 i think, I don’t know why not on the F-14

It’s a bug, has been reported internally I think


This is a bug, a fix is coming soon in a future update.


Id much rather they fix the BOL’s effectiveness tbh. Everything that had BOL got hit hard by the nerf because of the gripens overperformance, particularly the F-14 imo

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Gripen’s internal flares should be standard size instead of large caliber.
That was acknowledged before the BOL pod nerf.