F14 in the new meta

right now the f14a and f14b are meh in the current meta, with the f16c and mig29’s, its not very competitive and its missing some of the missiles it gets in real life, like the f14b getting the aim-9m, I’m just wondering if anything would be in store for the f14’s after the new f15 and su27 update adding a whole bunch more IRCCM missiles to more aircraft

Welcome to “Meh” META,… been like for most minor nations since,… the beginning.

Enjoy to use a brain to play F-14

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If the devs finally stopped sitting on their thumbs they might actually take a sec to fix the AIM-54C and TCS, maybe even model the RIO doing his fking job so the radar wasnt so gimped, but none of those things are likely to happen to any degree that will ever make the F-14’s particularly competitive again so dont hold ur breath


thats what other minor nations feel like when F14 came to WT before

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somebodies selective memory is showing lmao.

The F-14 came as an ANSWER to the MiG-23MLD and the J-7E which were utterly terrorizing air rb for months prior to its addition.

Even when the F-14A was added, it had significant issues with the wings ripping, and radar missiles in general were in a horrendous state, with their notch window opened up to 10-15x what they were pre-nerf and post-fix. This nerf lasted until September 2022, with the MLD and J-7E still remaining widely competitive even after the fix to radar missiles. The F-16/MiG-29 were added after that and have been dominant since.

Ppl like to hate the F-14 because its popular, but the claims of it being “broken” have literally never been demonstrated in WT.

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I didn’t remember seeing RUSSIA as a MINOR NATION.

Therefore i do not agree with your way of shutting him off, even if on your own argument to an unasked question, your true.

Maybe Reading more?