F14 - AIM54 Missiles

Hello dear community, this is my last resort as I visited many twitch streams and discord servers searching for help, but nobody could help me identify the problem.

I want to use the AIM54 Missiles with the F14 (A or B doesnt matter, have the problem with both).
For that I
Step 1: Switch Radar type to TWS HDN
Step 2: Put range to ~100 km
Step 3: Gain altitude
After that I face some problems
Step 4: My TWS doesnt really seem to find targets. Rarely it does but loses them very fast. I try to use “Select radar/IRST target” to lock, but my lock is different what other players seem to have.
Step 5: Would be launching the AIM54, but the circle which usually appears when launching missiles, doesnt appear and I can not fire it.

Picture 1 how my lock looks, Picture 2 how it looks for other players.

I would be very thankful if someone can identify my mistake and explain to me how I can properly use the AIM54

Kind regards,
Ritter Sport

So for the phoenix it can be a bit tricky as the radar likes to spaz out
The top line that goes left to right is the maximum height your radar can look, along with left to right max looking. The one on the right going up and down gives you the idea of the lowest it will look. This gives you the lock box of what your radar can see.

You first need to make sure you dont have full fuel, as you dont need the added weight 30 min most of the time is just right. Once you take off stay low until you hit at least Mach 0.85 then pull up. Get to about 22,000 feet. When you level off you have to point your nose down just a bit. If you get a high flying mig and target them your radar is locked to go higher. if this happens just point your nose down a bit and cycle your radar and get back to tws. once the top line is just above the horizon you should be able to see everyone and what direction they are going.

Now you need a few things to happen. One you need to find a target that is mainly flying toward you not at an angle. Cycle through until you find a good target. Now that you have a target picked out you need to make sure you are going fast enough. The faster you can go the better. I try to fire at Mach 1.1 but anything really over Mach 1.05 is ok. Now everything is set up fire and cycle through and fire. If your going to take all 6 up, getting at least 2 kills is good hunt. I have gotten 6 for 6 one time and will probably never happen again lol. taking 2 or 4 Aim-54’s you will probably get one most times, but since these missiles are big you can only hope the pilots weren’t paying attention as they dont maneuver well as they are designed to shoot down bombers.

Hope this helps!

Edit: Almost forgot, these can be fired at really long range, but i try to fire them between 20 miles to 29 miles out. I seem to get more hits that way. Once in a great moon i can get one to hit that I shot out at 43 miles. if they get to 10 miles out, the probability of the missile getting a hit is really low. 5 miles out and just dont bother to shoot the Aim 54


How exactly do you cycle through?
Do you do it with “Select Radar/IRST target to lock” = 4?
And do you know (please refer my previous picture with the number 1) why my Lock (the green square) looks like this, instead like yours? What do I do wrong?

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Yes you would cycle with 4. As long as you see them in your radar you will cycle through all the targets there. In picture one your radar hit is very faint its not really a lock. so could be a phantom reading or it locked onto a missile that the enemy team sent in your direction. The radar can act up from time to time lol.

Just make sure that you are not locking your target so they dont know you are targeting them. TWS is a soft lock, meaning its just like hey there’s something here. Just turn your missile seeker on then it will look like it is in pic two. My picture my missile haven’t been activated yet so there’s no red target, but the green square is the same as pic two. Make sure you get the double circles for a strong lock. You can fire with just the one red but its not a strong lock and less of a chance to hit.

When you are cycling you will also see in the radar vertical lines around the balls, that is the plane you are targeting. So you can make sure you are shooting the closest plane first.

It simply doesnt work for me. I try it step by step like you told me. But it doesnt work.

I’m having the same issue as you. I get the soft lock but when I can’t get the missile seeker to turn on unless I hard lock the target. For others answering here, how do you get the seeker to lock without hardlocking first?

In the option for the weapons, there is an option to turn missile seeker on, and an option to lock on air to air. You have to set them as two separate keys, alternatively you can just hit the fire air to air missile button to turn on your missile seeker.

So I have been stuck on the aim54s for around a week of trying and giving up then trying and I’ve reviewed this conversation and I still can’t find the way to lock and fire the aim54s when that box comes on around it like you said in weapon controls there option you need to select. I tried to look for that and still can’t get a lock / firing screen for the aim 54s