F111 crosshairs completely misaligned. Vertical targeting completely broken

There are some major bugs regarding aiming in air rb that need to be adressed. I posted multiple bug reports over a month ago with absolutely no response from a gaijin team member yet.

In update, the f111’s internal vulcan as well as gunpods were angled downwards by about 10 degrees. The first-person crosshairs in the cockpit were realigned and the bullets pass through the center. However, the third-person crosshairs were not changed, and not a single bullet passes through the reticle anymore. This is covered in my bug report here:


Vertical targeting does not fix this. It seems to work only in level flight, as if the aircraft is banked left, the bullets deflect up and to the right! Vice versa if banked right. It is now impossible to land hits in the f111. This is covered in by bug report here:


I would very much like a dev / mod / team member, or really anyone to just respond. This is an extremely easy bug fix, at least for the f111’s misalignment caused by update

Requesting DEV assistance. Please reply. Multiple people have reported this now and it’s been well over a month. This has to be the EASIEST bug fix I have ever seen. Yet this has somehow gone completely unnoticed, DESPITE all the bug reports. I have faith in the war thunder dev team! This is like 2 lines of code worth of work max.