F111 aardvark SL grinding

If I were to grind for the aardvark, spade it and put a wager on it, could I use it as a SL grinder from bombing bases and getting the odd kill there and then ?

Potentially. Especially if you play Air Sim

I am not that intelligent lol

Hehe, If you can. It is the best place for mud movers like the F-111. I do quite a bit the Tornado and Buc, but yeah. it has a steep learning curve (hopefully we’ll get an RB EC gamemode at some point)

As for ARB, Probably can get a base kill or 2. and maybe even a few kills, probably just about taking the right loadout. Others are going to have to comment at that as I dont have it.

But the best peice of advice I can give for grinding a tree (outside of a premium) is to play something you find fun. Makes the grind a lot easier.

Yeah defo, been wanting to get the aardvark for a while now, I Just never have the motivation to play USA. I have the F15, however again my motivation always lacks :( but I might try to get some more motivation. Just got to rank v china and I dont want to suffer with the j7d lmao

I’ve been putting off grinding another tree, any tree for over a year. Maybe with the RP bonus for farmign a new nation coming at some point. I might start then. But until then, im just sticking with the one nation

#AddTopToptierBomberToAllNationsAsPremium lmao

Yeah, Would love one for Britain. Something like a Tornado, Jag or Buc (or even Vulcan)

We need a lot more higher tier premium mud movers. Not sure what the US could get in that department. Maybe the F-111C?

Seeing as Morvran has given a take for Air Sim, I’ll throw mine in for Air RB

Using the correct Loadouts, yes. If you take full bombs you are unable to sweep the wings and therefore don’t get to the bases in any reasonable time, so I recommend trying different loads in the test flight and seeing what works. Same with the explosive mass, only you’ll need to work it out while in live games.

Ensure you have plenty of fuel, sweep the wings back and zoom. Just, check your 6 as you head home, you’ll probably get a lot of attention for being a strike aircraft and going for bases
You can definitely, if you feel brave enough, sling 9Bs at slow or unsuspecting targets, and mop people up with the gun, but avoid dogfights like the plague. Run in, run out, using your flares as required to keep yourself out of danger.