F104S ASA Bugs

Okey, so, the F104S ASA, is in my opinion a fun plane to fly, but, it has 2 major bugs that make it WAY harder to play than it should be:
The lesser one, is that the radar lets you lock onto allies without the ACM mode, i mean, in standard SRC or SRC MTI, wich means that, in for example simulator battles, you have no idea if you’re going to teamkill with a bvr missile such as the ASPIDE. (resulted in a 100k SL loss and getting kicked from a game, wich is why im making the post 🤷‍♂️)

The second major bug and the bigger of them is, the rwr is straight up non usable, yes, it pings, and it shows lock, but that’s about it. No direction in wich they are locking you (so no line from where, used to show a line from 12 o’clock always) and even tho it pings, it doesnt show from which direction it pings, so you can have a dude sitting in your 6 and have no idea. Also the rwr will sometimes turn OFF even with a dude pinging in your ass, idk if this is bug or normal behaviour tho.

Also, it has other bugs such as:
-When you change from ACM to SRC or SRC MTI, radar range changes back to 19km, regardless of wich range you had it at.
-Not being able to lock on ACM mode, but changing to standard mode and clicking radar lock does give you lock.

It would be nice if you fixed this Bugs.
Thx for reading.

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It seems that Gaaijin do not contact the opnion of players