F100F need to be a premium aircraft

AUBL/74 HVG is a rank 5 ground vehicle of 2019 Operation H.E.A.T event when the ground vehicle top rank is 7.
AUBL/74 HVG‘s rank less 2 than top tier and it is a premium vehicle.
F100F is a rank 6 aircraft of 2023 Tokushu Heiki crafting event when the aircraft top rank is 8.
F100F’s rank less 2 than top tier but it is not a premium vehicle.
So F100F need to change be a premium aircraft.


Lower tier rewards are premium, but top tier rewards for events have always been non premium. Only need to look at previous ones to see.


I just wanna they add AIM9P, now it just a worse F100D at all


AUBL/74 HVG also the top tier reward, why it is the premium?

Because it’s only a rank 5 and HEAT was the one time they made all event rewards premiums. It’s an exception, not the rule.

Also it’s a different event format. This is a crafting event and uses the new score-based format that allows anybody to progress in normal passive play and also allows you to make a few GJN selling crafting materials. HEAT 2019 was a marathon event and used the old achievement/task based format that was supposedly more difficult for new or unskilled players. So a more difficult event (according to Gaijin) got a higher value reward.

Crafting events have never had a premium reward over rank 4 and there has never been a rank 6 premium reward in any event. There’s no precedent for making the F-100F a premium reward for this crafting event.