F-86F-35 radar?

When flying the F-86F there is a lock on radar available, but it doesn’t do anything. when you look at the x-ray view there is no visible radar set at all. But, when hovering over the pilot you can see that is has a lock-on radar mode. So my question is: Is it a planned addition, oversight, or just a mistake that this plane has it.


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The F-86 had a radar ranging gun sight that helped the pilot aimed. I don’t know how it works in game if it even does. I’ve tried using it in realistic but I can’t figure it out.

There are a few videos on YT that you could watch to understand them, at least for IRL.

I know that in real life it was one of the main edges it had over the Mig-15. I think it worked up to a mile out.

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It only has use in sim. In ARB, you get the enemy’s distance by default. For sim, it will give you their distance which will help with aiming further out.


That’s what I thought.