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Brief History:J7 BGI is an upgraded variant of J 7 BG.It was bought as a stop gap solution for BAF until a modern single engine fighter jet comes in service of BAF.It was modified to meet the needs of Bangladesh Airforce.It is operated by ThunderCat squadron of BAF.It is primarily intended for interception but currently it plays more of a ground attacking role.J/F-7 BGI is the most modern version of J-7.J-7 BGI is also the last production variant of J-7.The last fighter was delivered on 2013.Nato code name:Fishcan.


Cockpit:2 new MFDs were added and it also received a HOTAS.It also received a new HUD.Helmet mounted sight and night vision equipments were also added.The plane uses Martin Baker Mk.10 ejection seat(https://martin-baker.com/news_events_post/martin-baker-constructs-new-bangladeshi-centre-of-excellence-for-aircrew-safety/).

Note:Most sites including various local news sites claim(Claim is based on a speech of Air chief Marshall.He said that this plane has 3 large MFDs.) that this plane has 3 MFDs but only 2 MFDs can be seen in most picture.So either those pictures are from F-7BG(BG version uses 2 MFDs) or maybe F-7 BGI doesnt have 3 MFDs.F-7 BG is an export variant of J-7 G.

Radar:KLJ-6F Pulse Doppler Radar,Range:86 Km+ and it has TWS and BVR mode.It can track 6 targets while locking on 2 targets but it’s only claimed by unofficial sources.The radar provides lead indicator for the pilot and it can slave IR missiles.On some forums i saw that this radar is a copy of EL/M-2032,im not sure whether if it’s true or not.(Im sure that KLJ-6F radar is used in this plane because in a recent victory day parade the narrator said the plane has “Modern Pulse Doppler Radar”) (https://www.key.aero/forum/modern-military-aviation/73121-continued-utility-of-the-modernized-f-7-series,https://www.sinodefenceforum.com/t/the-q-5-j-7-j-8-and-older-plaaf-aircraft.4280/page-2,https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/bangladesh/air-force-modernization.htm,)




Instruments:Probably most instruments are same as F-7 BG.A new HUD (made by the Xian Sicong Group) in the F-7BG provides pilot with displays for instrument flying, with air-to-air and air-to-ground weapon aiming symbols integrated with flight-instrument symbology. It can store 32 weapon parameter functions, allowing for both current and future weapon variants. In air-to-air combat its four modes (missiles, conventional gunnery, snapshoot gunnery, dogfight) and standby aiming reticule allow for all eventualities. VCR and infrared cockpit lighting on the F-7BG is to be used with a Chinese (Cigong Group) Helmet Mounted Sight (HMS) slaved to the PL-9 AAM. The new air data computer coupled with the new HUD in the air-to-ground mode is capable of projecting both Constantly Computed Impact Points (CCIP) and Constantly Computed Release Points (CCRP) - which will use internal GPS and INS.

Defensive equipments: Most equipments are probaby same as F-7BG or they might have been upgraded.F-7BG’s self defense equipments: South-West China Research Institute of Electronic Equipment KG-8602 RWR interfaced with the South-West China Research Institute of Electronic Equipment KG-8605 internal radar noise jammer and China National Import and Export Corporation GT-1 chaff/flare dispenser, and Type 602 ‘Odd Rods’ IFF.

The F-7BG also comes with SE-2 Airborne Missile Approach Warning (MAW) Sensors located at the rear and port and starboard sides.(中国SE-2型机载导弹逼近告警系统_SE-2 Airborne Missile Approach Warning System_GlobalMil-环球防务网)

Note:These things are probably changed in the BGI version or maybe it’s unchanged.Since BGI version is nearly identical to BG version apart from a different radar and some instruments and because of that reason we can assume that it’s defensive equipments are also same as the BG version.

Airframe:The airframe is most likely inherited from F-7BG.It has double delta wings.

Fuel Capacity:4165 Kg(It’s for F-7BG but I think it’s probably same for F-7BGI,since BGI version is based on BG version). It can use 3 drop tanks for additional fuel.


Climb Rate:195 m/s

Service Ceiling:17500 m(Approximately)

HardPoints:The aircraft has 5 hard points to carry air to air missile,laser guided bombs,GBUs and drop tanks for additional fuel.It can carry up to 3000 kgs of suspended armaments.Most of the time only 3 of the hardpoints are used because other 2 hard points are most of the times occupied by drop tanks but during interception missions the plane usually carrys 4 aams.

Gun:2×Type 30-1 or maybe 1×Type 30-1(I dont know if it has 2 or 1 gun but in the pictures it looked like it had only 1 gun)
Source for Type 30-1 gun:



Suspended Armaments:


Rockets and Bombs:

  • 90mm,57mm unguided rockets
  • TYPE-200A bomb(Proof: Tender.)
  • 250-3 Anti tank Bomb(Proof:Tender)
  • LS-6. It can carry 5 LS-6s.
  • TEBER guidance kit Mk 81,Mk 82
  • 500kg and 250(FAB-250/Mk 81) kg bombs

It can also use an unknown 3000kg bomb(In a recent victory day parade,the F-7 was doing its aerobatics where the announcer said that the plane can carry a 3000kg bomb for ground attacking role),

.LS-6 uses the plane’s internal GPS and INS system for guidance. (http://chinesemilitaryreview.blogspot.com/2012/11/chinese-ls-6-satellite-ins-thunder.html,http://www.ausairpower.net/APA-PLA-GBU.html#mozTocId132067,http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/taiwan/archives/2012/01/03/2003522296)

Also Some sources have mentioned that it can carry SD-10 Air to Air missile.[Note:the plane should be capable of carrying BVR missiles such as PL-12(SD-10) but it should not be in the game since Bangladesh didn’t buy any BVR missiles for J 7 BGI. If the devs want they can add this missile for balancing purpose]

Typical AAM loadout:

  • 4×PL 5EII
  • 4×PL 9C

Occasionally PL-7s are used.I have only seen PL-7s being used once in a very old training video.Its better to exclude PL-7s for this jet.

(This is loadout is mentioned by a Narrator during victory day parade 2017,so there is no way this loadout is false.Im not sure about PL 8 loadout,the narrator said nothing about PL 8 so Wikipedia might be wrong)



Recent Upgrades:Recently the plane got a few upgrades.One of the upgrade includes TEBER guidence kit which is made by Turkey’s Rocketsan.Which allows the plane to carry Mk 81 and Mk 82 laser guided bombs.The plane didnt receive any new guidance pod since the plane already had guidance system integrated.Older guidance system might have been modified to work with Mk. 81 and Mk. 82 bombs.The work has only began recently that’s why images aren’t available. (Roketsan - TEBER Guidance Kit)

Engine:It uses a improved version of WP-13F engine.WP-13F1 I think. The engine can produce 82Kn of thrust but some say it can only produce 62Kn of thrust. Max speed Mach 2.2. WP-13F1 is also known as WP-14C.Proof that this plane uses this engine:


NOTE:BGI’s ‘I’ is actually 1.Its not a alphabet rather its a number.

Wiki:List of Chengdu J-7 variants - Wikipedia


*Bangladesh military: F-7BG of Bangladesh Air Force

Source for Type 200A bomb:


Declassified tender.

Source for 250-3 Anti tank Bomb:


Declassified tender.

https://esadhin.com/courses/engine-f-7-bg/(This was an official website,this website had every necessary information about this aircraft.The website also had the flight manuals of this plane but sadly the website’s domain expired.If anyone can gather some information from this website then please share it with us.)




(The bomb looks like FAB-250)




DS-2---17-02-2022.jpg.ff69ab4cd357f4f326 150128-F-ZZ999-400.jpg.7734447827a195b87


F-7 BGI carrying LS-6:


LS-6 at Bangabandhu Military Museum:




F-7BGI carrying rocket pods:



2716 - Chengdu F-7BGI - Bangladesh - Air Force

Cockpit:(Even if it’s not F-7 BGI’s cockpit but still it can be used in game for now)




(Only 2 MFDs can be seen here,so that could mean that the claim of having 3 MFDs is madeup or maybe its not BGI’s cockpit)


Picture of HUD(it’s from F-7BG but it’s most likely also same in F-7BGI):


Another picture but im 100% sure that it’s F-7 BGI’s HUD view.


Some Armaments:


F-7 BGI carrying AAMs:




(↑Not sure which missile this is.This is either a PL-8 or a training version of PL-9)

Another unknown missile:





PL-9C firing:https://youtu.be/6Ij9Bvi4t24


Export equivalents of J-7L and J-7G. It should be pointed out that PL-9C is similar to PL-8B and has IRCCM. It is best to use the basic version PL-9 to make it located at 11.3.

11.3 is too low for this. Downtier to 10.3 could make others suffer,even with the basic PL-9. 11.7 would be better as it would face toptier anyways. 4 40G PL-9C should be enough to deal with most stuff at 11.7. Though it doesn’t have proper flight performance for that BR or a BVR missile I think still it would be mostly fine at that BR.

I’m not sure that add to Chinese in tech tree or premium tree or maybe as part of Pakistan tree ?

Gaijin will probably add this in the chinese premium tree

Maybe 2nd premium pack at 11.7 in rank 7 for china tree ?

I’m not sure that premium tree rank 7 limited battle rating 11.3 or 11.7

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