F-5E tiger 2 RWR

Does anybody know where is the RWR antenna located on F-5E?
@tripod2008 @Flame2512 @MiG_23M
I can not visually find them which raised me a question if F-5E that we have ever had them

You don’t see the black lobes on either side of the front of the nose and such?

Nope ,did F-5E got the RWR from the start or it was after few models?

There’s bulges on nose and either side of engine cowlings I believe are related to the system.

I see them now , but as i look into vietnam ones they don’t have it , as ones that are in my country (Iran). Also ckecked some legacy Brazilian models and could not see it ,but there are there after the 2006 upgrade .
Question is did F-5E IRL always had RWR ?

I do not know, the one in war thunder has it.

iirc all F-5’s were rather infamous for NOT having RWR (atleast in US service?). They were given RWR in WT for “balancing” reasons. Same as their countermeasures and AGM-65’s

Most American service F-5E models had and still use RWR, upgraded over time of course.
If they didn’t have it initially, they were given it later and it’s not a huge deal because later F-5’s could simply have been added instead of a-historically modifying the F-5E in the tech tree. F-5N for example.