F-5 Situation


When is this absolutely broken vehicle is going to have it’s damage model fixed? As if it isn’t already undertiered with the F-5E being the most op 10.7 vehicle. Not to mention the F-5C that has made the whole 10.3 competely monotonous, also making 10.3 usa winrates rocket since it’s better than every other vehicle at this br (almost) and it only faces less capable missile slingers.

As of today the F-5s have the most broken damage model after the su-25 (Which atleast was made to be armored, unlike what should be a fragile light fighter)


Eh, I can think of a few 10.7s slightly superior to the F-5E.
F-4F, J35XS, Kfir Canard, F-104G [Germany]…
Idk, use API belts?

Damage models as a whole need more complication, and hopefully my pending suggestion goes live soon.

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Personally I don’t have a problem facing these in
A: Jaguar GR.1
B: Harrier GR.3
C: MiG-21S (R13-300)
and these are all 9.7 vehicles. I don’t see the problem

Sounds like purely skill issue (of F5C players XD)

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No not really, it sucks.

“F4F superior to F-5E” shows how little you know about the game lmao

Please tell me in your great wisdom how the F-4F is superior to F-5E

The fact you think F-4F is flat out superior to F-5E is hilarious.
Just cause something is slightly superior doesn’t mean it’s flat out superior.

you literally said F-4F is superior to F-5E and i was mocking it, or can you not read what you yourself have written lmao. Literally illiterate lol

No, I said it’s slightly superior.
Well, you can gain literacy at any time, not sure why you’re yelling out your issues.

Oh so tell me how slightly superior does not mean it is better? And how is the F-4F even slightly superior to f-5e lmao

The F-4F has agile eagle so it can pull more AOA when required, has a higher top speed & acceleration, along with 4x 9Js & a Vulcan.
F-5E retains energy the best & can pull verticals easier, which makes it the best gunfighter to take down slower targets.

F-4F lets you make mistakes easily, and that can be punishing.

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