F-4S shots Sparrow Missels without Radar Lock

I recently bought the F-4S and had a very bad kill record with it. After tinkering around With the armament, i noticed when i had Aim-9H Sidewinder and Aim-7F Sparrow Missels louded, the plane would randomly launch Aim-9 and Aim-7 Missels, even when there is no Radar Lock.

This makes it very hard to play in arcade, as you either have to waste valueable seconds on switching armaments manually or randomly launch a sparrow missel mid-combat, wasting the missel and the IR lock.


“have to waste valueable seconds on switching armaments manually”. Arcade is to fast, everything i can´t use with a singel button in an instant is pretty much useless.

It’s same for everyone in top tier aircraft.

If you lack the reaction or prediction capability for multi-weapon usage, most likely you don’t fit this BR or mode.


Yeah exactly this

Thats the kind of elitism that kills the game.

That’s the kind of F-4S premium spam that kills the game.

Thats the kind of gatekeeping tht kills the game.

There is no need to do “this” over a simple question and a simple answer.
The question is answered and seems like OP is in no need of further assistance.

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