F-4S Phantom II is useless in uptier games

I bought this plane thinking that it was going to be good but I find a wall that is too frustrating to be in 11. 3 almost all the games are uptier and the plane does not serve for the tier that is located you put it in a downtier and is good you put it in an uptier and is a trash when you go marking to launch the missile suddenly stops trakearlo in uptier besides the missile fails too much could make the plane fight against aircraft of the same tier not against f16 and f14 and mig 29 clearly does not serve for those fights.

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gaijin won’t care as long as it’s profitable



I know exactly what you mean. Full up-tiers than worse ever now thanks to the addition of the new 4th Gen top-tier jet meta kings such as the F-16-50 with AIM-9M and MiG-29SMT with R-73s. If not for the power creep IR missiles then the sheer performance of these jets will outperform you in any way in a 1v1 dogfight. I think that it would be more than fair now to finally introduce the all-aspect but flareable AIM-9Ls for all 11.0+ Phantoms including the F-4S.


Tbh everything is useless when get up tier and there only way to prevent it

Every jet is useless in uptiers. BR compression is terrible for planes.