F-4s fuel consuming

After this latest update, has anyone else noticed that F-4S is thirsty like MIG. Before uppdate, fulltank was enough to WEP trough map, take base or 2. Engage in dogfighting and still returning to base without even breaking close going empty.
Now, you wep to base, or 2 and you cant get back to airfield.
And before even in Sim maps , fuel was not never problem. Now EC map is one way ticket.

Check the size of map. On big map u can only get 1 base and safe come back to base. On small map u can bomb 2 bases and come back safe.

Wow, that really answered the question…

I personally did not notice any chage to fuel consumption. 4x AIM7F, 4x AIM9s, gun pod and 25 mins of fuel last me for entire game.

My loadout, and if I go on 2 bases on basic map, this thing is out of fuel before airfield if engaging any air targets on way. Before this, that 29min fuel was more than enough.

F-4S has enough internal fuel for 7 minutes of AB at sea level IRL.
This is transferred to in-game as well.

Have you tried to reset the adjustable fuel slider?

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My guy, why the hell are you weping the entire time?

Just came to give a solution, some bug indeed, placed it to min and then back on max, it fixed it :D Did it yesterday only by using that slider and it didnt help. Had to take it from preset values to min and back on max.

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Well maybe, when you want to even try to keep up with other jets while flying lil fatty phantom :D And trying to get that 1 base off.

Then use it wisely. I fail to see why weping the whole time is necessary. You wep when it is needed. Not the entire time, since you are wasting fuel for no reason.

Somehow I have feeling, that you havent done baserunning in F4’s
1, You can wep whole game, since it’s not so thirsty as mig’s, tornado, etc. And it doesnt overheat
2. 11.3 only Su25’s are slower compared on you. (yes a10 late if lucky to be top)
3. Game is in that, rush base, take 1 or 2 Sparrow shots if possible on way. Repeat going second base ( if available) Check targets for opportunities, and head back.

My dude, I could do the same thing. Without wepping. It is basic common sense. Weping=draining fuel fast. Wep, lower, wep lower->Increase speed=less fuel drained once in awhile when done like this. Doesn’t matter what BR it is, it is still common sense that WEPing will drain your fuel fast.

The only dynamic that is different comes down to missiles. That’s about it, my solution, be as close to the floor possible=cancels your sparrows and you can only carry so many of those.

Still waiting for this thing to get AN/AWG-10B digital radar, AIM-9Ls and also non-smoke-producing engines.

I just want the HUD to actually display target tracks instead of, well, being completely static, even the F-4E’s is more useful than this since the reticle actually follows tracks.

As of the the 4S’s HUD is completely non-functional and its really sad.