F-4J Phantom II, historically it carried gbu as well as agm. Yet it cannot do that in game

Why can the F-4J not carry GBU as well as AGM, considering the fact that in real life it did indeed carry these.
Furthermore, even though the F-4J is 11.3, it regularly faces uptiers, sure it may have an amazing radar and good missiles, but the air to ground capabilities are non existent in the game.
I have attached the following links to support my argument.

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If it can then bug report it with sources

Also missing the ability to techincally be able to carry 1500 countermeasures of flare/chaff.

Both of those sources fall into a common trap. Listing every possible weapon from every Phantom variant, not just the ones the F-4J could carry.

Your second source just copied its information straight from Wikipedia, didn’t even bother changing it up a bit.

The 1st source edited it down a bit, but its still the same list from Wikipedia.

The problem is Wikipedia is just listing weapons from every phantom variant.

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Non of those are considered trust worthy sources and are just Wiki copies.

The later edition of the F-4J flight manual is available and lists its ordinance. Which while that does include LGB’s it doesn’t have the ability to self laze for those bombs.


Considering that they devs are still yet to add the PAVE Spike TGP [AN/AVQ-23] ( or TISEO) to the US F-4E, even though the Israeli F-4E (Kurnass 2000) has them modeled(somewhat poorly - proably can’t be fixed due to lack of submitable sources) even after the A-6E TRAM / F-4S double dipping happened (create problem, sell solution; with the limiting of US capability to contrast seekers adjustment / removal / replacement by stealth with correlation seekers to sell a premium then to turn around and double dip with the missing fighter the next patch for another $70 GJN) has them is a good indication. That it will probably never happen.

The only real hope left is either an off meta Late F-4E (Block 48 ~ Block-62) [with PAVE Spike TGP (AN/AVQ-26), AN/AXQ-14, AGM-65D, GBU-15, AIM-9L/M & AIM-7F] / F-4G [ various Anti-Radiation missile(s)] appears at some point and reshuffles the ordnance availability and the 3D model around to rectify various issues with the existing depiction of a questionably unspecific (US) F-4E with a Block 36 (GBU-1, GBU-9 / GBU-11, ect.) implementation instead of picking a choosing features from all blocks of F-4E all the way up to the GBU-15(V)1/B from 1983 / 1990’s era ANG F-4E’s.

Though though inference that a F-15C is in all probably turning up next patch due to the AMRAAM being slated for addition, and Japan lacking carriage options (outside the AV-8J+ proposal, wich has even less info than the F-16AJ) I seriously doubt that they are going to add yet more F-4 to the US tree even though the RF-4C / F-4D / Late F-4E and F-4G are missing, or would only be useful after yet to be added mechanics were implemented.

I’m partially expecting that we’d see an event aircraft that was capable of Laser designation (via SHED LIGHT, PAVE Light [AN/AVQ-9], PAVE Knife [AN/AVQ-10] or PAVE Spike equipt.) at a very low BR of some sort; A-6B, F-4D, B-57G, OV-10D, etc. in order to provide said capability even though there are a number of options.