F-4J and F-4S share the same radar, yet you can easily defeat the F-4J by not going head on and using ground clutter while f-4s radar is almost undefeatable

I came from a match where I defeated some AIM7M’s while i was flying low, then i headed towards an f-4s and started flying perpendicular to it’s nose very close to the ground and yet the missile struck me. It’s radar is the same as the f-4j. F-4J missiles are extremely easy to defeat, but f-4s is practically un notchable, un chaffable and the ground clutter doesn’t seem to affect it’s lock.

Is this some cattle stool i’m missing?

Could’ve been a pulse lock, and it’s short enough range that the 7F can track as well. You were also too high to hide in multipath.

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