F-4F with Aim-9Ls?

So honestly I have no clue if a post is already existing for this topic, but I found it quite important. Why? Because Germany Air will get an exact copy of the Tornado as a Premium, and nothing more. So hear me out:

I was reading through Wikipedia and saw one line:

“Mit der AIM-9L konnte die F-4F im Jagdeinsatz nun auch Ziele annähernd von vorne und von der Seite bekämpfen und war nicht mehr darauf angewiesen, hinter ein gegnerisches Flugzeug zu gelangen. Die AIM-9L konnte seitlich auf ein vom Radar erfasstes Ziel ausgerichtet werden. Dabei lieferte das Radar dynamische Schussbereichsberechnungen. Darüber hinaus wurde der Modus zur Schnellaufschaltung des Radars im Luftkampf verbessert.”

Source: McDonnell F-4 – Wikipedia

The Aim-9L got added to the plane with several other combat improving changes.

Why was is added? Well, because the Phantom no longer met the requirements immediately after delivery in 1973. Radar and other components were from the Vietnam War and the whole plane was basically outdated.

Sources: Bernd Vetter, Frank Vetter: F-4 Phantom. Motorbuch Verlag, Stuttgart 2021, ISBN 978-3-613-04393-0.

Karl-Heinz Schäfer: F-4F Phantom II – „The Phinal“. Druckerei Finke, Aurich 2016, ISBN 978-3-00-043384-9.

Make up your own opinion about whether something like this should be added.

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would also be very nice for F-4E.


Oh we’ve been asking for this for ages, Gaijin simply refuses to give 'em to the F-4F :p

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Already discussed last year, end up with f-4f lowering down to 10.7 in a BR change. And I think it’s sitting comfortable there. Give it aim-9l would definite raise its BR to 11.0/11.3. Yes, it become more “realistic”, but in that br, you can’t get a comfortable gaming experience like now. (frequently uptiered, will face more powerful jet)

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I also don’t get the Tornado Premium. Since bases won’t respawn anymore, its a totally and utter useless plane. Its not fast enough to reach bases before other fighters with bombs do and since nothing respawns you end match after match without much chance to earn SL/RP. In every match there are F-16, Mirages etc which are played as base busters as well and they reach any base faster than your Tornado. Depressing.

The two AIM-9L are just that…just two missiles which often just get flared. One flare drop is enough its its gone…even if the target is ABing.

Before that change it was quite ok. You have alot fuel, so I always flew around the sides a bit and waited for bases to respawn, then you make your drop while the furball is busy. But this isn’t possible anymore. The initial race for the bases you ALWAYS lose, except maybe you get a -1 BR downtier. Happens once a month, though^^


Literally what im saying… Im still hoping maybe this version will get its Radar Jammer. Also ive spotted Tornado IDS with 4 Aim-9 Missiles, not only 2. Gaijin messed up long before, but this update setzt dem Fass die Krone auf, as we say in germany.